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<Weekly expression>

A: Can you lend me 500 dollars?

B: No sweet.

<Dear Abby>

- Conflict ①

Video game addict

Dear abby : My 20-year-old son graduated high school two years ago. He was valedictorian, in the top 4 percent of his class, a gifted pianist, and was accepted into one of the best universities in the country. He threw it all away. His first year at college, he failed his classes and dropped out, leaving me $30,000 down the drain. I agreed he could come back home if he enrolled in the junior college and got a job.

The reason he failed school is because he played online video games all night long and slept all day instead of going to classes. He did the same at the junior college, ruined his GPA, and now has no medical insurance, no job, no driver's license and no car. He lied to me for months about attending classes and then lied about applying for a job. He screams and throws things, tries to kick and hit me, and swears and runs off in a rage when I try to talk with him. He does nothing around the house, won't clean up after himself, sleeps most of the day and runs up huge water bills taking hour-long showers. He still plays video games, but no longer plays the piano.

I only want him to be happy and get a good education. He was sick as a child and spent a great deal of time in the hospital. He doesn't drink or take drugs, but there are many foods he cannot eat and he requires supplements to maintain a healthy diet. He refuses to take them anymore.

I can't live with him when he's like this. He is out of control, and I have no idea what to do. He has nowhere else to go and no money to live on. -- Total Loss

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'Total Loss' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜

Dear Total: Your son's problems sound more serious than video game addiction. Some mental illness first manifests itself when children are young adults.

Please get your son to a doctor and explain what's going on. Ask for a complete medical checkup and a psychiatric evaluation.

※ Word check

* valedictorian : 졸업생 대표

* down the drain : 수포로 돌아가다. 낭비되어

* run off : 도망가다 // to flee

* great deal : 아주 많이 // much, a lot

* out of control : 통제 불능 // acting wildly or violently. - out of hand

- Conflict ②

She's so childish

Dear Annie : My 28-year-old son who I love dearly is living with his pregnant girlfriend, "Salome," in my basement. He is due to earn his bachelor's degree in three months, and the child is due around the same time.

Salome does not know how to cook and doesn't have a job. She collects disability for ADHD and is taking classes at the local community college. She sleeps until she is ready to get up and then does nothing. Occasionally, I need access to my laundry room, and I cringe at the sight of the mess. The girl doesn't seem to care about the pigsty they've created, yet she says she doesn't want to live with her family during her pregnancy because of the unclean conditions there.

Recently we had a heated argument because she reacted negatively when I requested she reduce the list of attendees to her baby shower, which is being held at my home. Unfortunately, a lot of nasty things were said and now I have no relationship with her at all. My son handles her with kid gloves, but I can't put up with her childish behavior any longer.

I am now alienated from them while they live in my house. I want them to leave, but my son has asked me to hang on until he completes college and gets a job. My husband, my soul mate of 37 years, recently died and I feel the need to find a new life for myself. I'd like to move closer to my family. I applied for a part-time job in my old hometown and am praying I will get it. What do I do in the meantime? -- Can't Live Like This

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'Can't Live Like This' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜

Dear Can't Live : Salome sounds very immature, and based on her family's description, we can only assume she never learned how to clean a house. It's too bad you're no longer close enough to teach her. However, your son also lives in the basement and is equally responsible for keeping things tidy. We cannot imagine how they are going to manage with a child.

Give your son a deadline for moving out, and offer to help him look for an apartment. Use the time to try to make peace with Salome, since she is going to be the mother of your grandchild.

※ Word check

* ADHD : attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

* cringe : 움찔하다. 굽실거리다

* put up with : 참고 견디다 // endure

* alienate : 멀리하다.

* hang on : 기다리다 // to wait awhile

* immature : 성숙하지 못한



More Koreans Give Up ‘American Dream’ As US Job Market Shrinks

More and more Koreans who went to the U.S. to realize their American dream are returning home as the companies in the U.S., the epicenter of the global financial crisis, are downsizing and giving recruitment priorities to the U.S citizenship holders, DongA Ilbo reported Saturday.

A 39-year-old Cho, who works for an information consulting company in Boston found an e-mail letter of dismissal upon turning on his computer after arriving at work. The letter asked him to pack up his belongings until 5 p.m. that day.

“A company official watched me all long while I was collecting my stuff as if to prevent me from stealing sensitive documents. It wasn’t a good feeling,” he recollected.

A 28-year-old Hong, who graduated from an Ivy League with an MBA degree experienced a nightmare-like life for several months. He started to work for a hedge fund on a temporary status when the company promised him to sponsor an H-1B work visa that would allow him to stay in the U.S. for two years. That didn’t materialize. After working there for 10 months, he had to board himself on a Korea-bound airplane.

Annually, American companies issue some 120,000 work visas for which more than a million foreign passport holders compete. The new Obama administration’s policy isn’t helping them much. It issued a new requirement for U.S. companies that receive government subsidies to give hiring priorities to Americans.

A 33-year-old Byon, who will be graduating soon from a graduate school in New York, is frustrated these days because the companies such as GE and Amex, to which he was considering applying for internship, restricted qualifications only to U.S. citizens and green card holders.

Meanwhile, many Koreans studying in American universities recently received a notice from their school that warned them that the job offer they received from an American company might be cancelled due to the economic crisis.

As more and more highly educated foreigners are elbowed out of the shrinking job market, however, Americans are also newly realizing that it’s not an all good thing either. U.S. newspapers are raising concerns on “brain drains” in America.

“Just as the United States has relied on foreigners to underwrite its deficit, it has also depended on smart immigrants to staff its laboratories, engineering design studios and tech firms, Washington Post wrote in a piece, titled “They’re taking their brains and going home.”

“Immigrants who leave the United States will launch companies, file patents and fill the intellectual coffers of other countries…America's loss will be the world's gain,” it said.

※ Word check

* epicenter : 진원지

* hedge fund :국제 증권 및 외환 시장에 투자해 단기 이익을 올리는 민간 투자 자금

* coffers : 귀중품 상자

* deficit : 부족

※ Question

1. Have you planed to go abroad?

2. What happened to you due to the global financial crisis?

3. Do you think this crisis will be maintained for long time?

4. If you have a chance to get a job in the whole world, where do you want to work and live the most?


part3 - Review


① : To behave in a servile way. fawn. ▶ (c _ _ _ _ e)

② : To cause to become unfriendly or hostile. ▶ (a _ _ _ _ _ _ e)

③ : Not fully grown or developed. ▶ (i _ _ _ _ _ _ e)

④ : A strongbox.▶ (c _ _ _ _ r)

⑤ : Inadequacy or insufficiency ▶ (d _ _ _ _ _ t)

⑥ : The point of an earthquake. ▶ (e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ r)


* example : to think of, develop, or find something ▶ (come up with)

Ⓐ : if work or money goes down the drain, it is wasted ▶ ( )

Ⓑ : to flee ▶ ( ) - run off

Ⓒ : much, a lot ▶ ( ) - great deal

Ⓓ : acting wildly or violently. out of hand ▶ ( ) - out of control

Ⓔ : endure ▶ ( ) - put up with

Ⓕ : to wait a while ▶ ( ) - hang on