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Weekly Topics [09-04-04] Korea Impresses World in WBC

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<This week's Expressions> ☞ Let me in

( In <Prison Break>, before they're leaving )

Michael Scofield : Are you in or out?

T-Bag : Let me in !

▣ Idiom

* example : certainly ▶ ( be sure to )be sure to

Ⓐ : like each other as soon as they meet ▶ ( )

Ⓑ : in a direct and complete way ▶ ( )

Ⓒ : to be direct with you ▶ ( )

Ⓓ : despite ▶ ( )

Ⓔ : clear up ▶ ( )

<Abby's Mailbox>

[Conflict ①]

Despondent wife is all alone in marriage to silent husband


I am so lonely. My husband refuses to communicate with me or do anything with me. The only outlet I have is work and school. I would like to end this misery, but I don't know where to begin. We have been married for 17 years. I have never been unfaithful to him, although I have thought about it -- not for the physical aspect, but for the communication. ------ DESPERATE FOR SOMEONE TO TALK TO

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'DESPERATE FOR SOMEONE TO TALK TO' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜


Has your marriage always been this way? When did this " great silence" begin? Most important, why have you tolerated an emotional " starvation diet" for so long?

If you think your marriage is worth saving, offer your husband the chance to repair it through marriage counseling -- but be prepared for it to take some time, because old habits are hard to break. If not, then accept the fact that you have suffered enough, and formalize the reality that you haven't really been married in a very long time.

※ Word check

* despondent: dejected or depressed 슬픈, 낙담한

* formalize: make official or valid 공식화하다

[Conflict ②]

Woman caring for dying friend begins to question her loyalty


I have known " Gloria" for two years. We met at work, hit it off immediately and became close friends. I love her dearly, and I'm devastated by what's happening to her. Gloria is dying of AIDS and now has a rare brain infection that has caused her to lose most of her faculties. She goes in and out of dementia, and her prognosis is two months.

I have been by Gloria's side so frequently that her family has " adopted" me. I help with her care and am the only one of her friends and co-workers who has visited since she took this turn.

My problem is, since I have been around Gloria's family, I have learned that nearly everything she has ever told me is untrue. She has flat-out lied about many things -- big and small -- that weren't even necessary to lie about. I feel like I don't know my friend at all and never did.

As sad as I am to see Gloria suffering and dying, I am hurt and angry that I was repeatedly deceived by someone I thought was my friend. I keep telling myself it shouldn't matter now, but the more the truth comes out, the harder it is for me to go over there and help.

How can I get past this, forgive Gloria and get back to the business of helping her in her final weeks? ------------------- WOUNDED IN WASHINGTON, D.C.

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'WOUNDED IN WASHINGTON, D.C.' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜


People lie for many reasons. Some of them do it because they are ashamed to tell the truth. Others lie out of fear or to gain an advantage, and some people do it because they can't help themselves. But somewhere in the tapestry of lies that this poor woman wove is a part of her authentic self. It is the part that made you identify with her in the first place.

What you are doing for Gloria now is both generous and emotionally wrenching. You do not deserve the " payoff" for your efforts to be spending the rest of your life resenting her for her shortcomings. You are giving her one of the most important gifts a person can give to another, but it is one that you are also giving to yourself. If you remember that, you will have no regrets.

※ Word check

* hit it off : like each other as soon as they meet 바로 사이 좋게 지내다

* dementia : serious illness of a mind 치매

* flat out : in a direct and complete way 노골적으로

* identify oneself : clear up 말하다, 밝히다

Check the words and ask your Presider to explain them.


Korea Impresses World in WBC

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) finished its 20-day journey, Tuesday, with fans of the sport happy after a near three-weeks worth of enjoyment of the art of the small white ball. Korean and Japanese fans were particularly ``blessed,'' having had five rival games on which to feast during the event.

And, following the two Asian nations' magnificent rise to the summit of the Classic, the Korean team was given more reason for cheer: The WBC announced its all-star tournament team after the final match ― and four of its number were included.

They were first baseman Kim Tae-kyun, third baseman Lee Bum-ho, designated hitter Kim Hyun-soo, who played outfielder, and pitcher Bong Jung-keun.

Kim Tae-kyun was selected unanimously along with Cuban outfielder Frederich Cepeda. He claimed top spot in RBIs, earning 11 and shared the top spot in homers with three. He was also called ``terminator Kim,'' because he hit when the team needed it.

``Frankly speaking, I was concerned about Kim at first,'' Korean team manager Kim In-sik said. ``But he played better than I expected."

It is an asset for Korean baseball to have found hidden star players. Yoon Suk-min, the Kia Tigers pitcher, snatched two wins in 16 innings over four games with a 1.13 ERA.

Venezuelan outfielder Bobby Abreu also applauded Yoon's slide after he was struck out by the 22-year-old right-hander.

It would be a shade unfair if Lee Bum-ho had been overlooked. The Hanhwa Eagles third baseman hit three home runs in the WBC, and a single to equalize the match to 3-3 with Japan in the bottom of the ninth inning in the final.

``I have no regrets even though we could not take the title. I think it is a big honor that I hit the equalizing single,'' Lee said.

Kim In-sik's leadership is also worthy of attention. The veteran Eagles manager directed 28 young players in a harmonious way. He believed in his players, even when they perhaps didn't perform as well as could have been expected. And he stuck by them. The Cleveland Indians outfielder Choo Shin-soo is a good example. He hit only one single in 10 appearances _ until he fired a three-run homer to seal the victory against Venezuela in the semifinals. The Major Leaguer hit a solo tying homer against Japanese pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma to repay Kim's trust in the bottom of the fifth inning in the final.

``I realized that Japan is a strong team. I appreciate the players for their brilliant performance,'' Kim said. ``I think young players learned many things from the event. Four years from now, we can show better play.''

``I may never forget Ichiro Suzuki's hit," Japanese manager Tatsunori Hara said. ``Korea created a unique baseball style with power and speed. Korean baseball has already gained a worldly status."

Back home, the team was applauded as national heroes. National newspapers covering the story by saying, ``Good job, heroes'' and ``You are real champions.'' Some baseball fans asked the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) to build a dome ground to improve Korea's baseball facilities. Others argue Korea needs to create more youth teams to prepare for the next event in four years.

Meanwhile, the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) announced that Korea has moved past the United States into second in the world rankings, on its official Web site, Wednesday. Cuba holds on to the No. 1 position, while Japan moved to No. 3 after their WBC victory.

※ Word check

* summit - meeting at which the leaders of two or more countries discuss important matters 정상회담

* magnificent - extremely good, beautiful, or impressive 장려한

* unanimously - with one accord 만장일치의

◆ Discussion Questions ◆

1. Did you see that game of The World Baseball Classic? How was that ? Tell me your impression.

2. Could you tell me that who is the MVP of WBC ?(in your case) why or why not ?

3. Which team do you like in KBL ? In that team, who is your favorite player ?

☈ PART Ⅲ - < Review >

▣ Word

① : dejected or depressed ▶ (d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ t)

② : make official or valid▶ (f _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e)

③ : serious illness of a mind ▶ (d _ _ _ _ _ _ a)

④ : meeting at which the leaders of two or more countries discuss important matters▶ (s _ _ _ _ t)

⑤ : extremely good or impressive▶ (m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ t)

⑥ : with one accord ▶ (u _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ y)