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A: You look depressed. What's eating you?

B: I just broke up with my girl friend..

<Couple conversation>

◉ Today pop topic - " Western Holiday "

1. What do you like to do on Valentine's / White Day?

2. Do you usually receive a lot of chocolate from your lover?

3. If you have a plenty of money, what would you give your lover for Valentine's

/ White Day?

4. When is the most impressive Valentine's / White Day for your life?

5. What did you do last Christmas?

6. Do you know any other western holidays?

- Conflict ①

April fools seek advice while spinning tall tales

DEAR READERS: Among the questions I am frequently asked is, "Do you ever get letters that have been made up, and can you tell when someone has indulged in 'creative writing'?" The answer is yes, and today, in honor of April Fools' Day, I'll share a few. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: My beloved mother used to sleep in the nude, rest her soul. Well, one night we were woken up by relatives at our front door. Needless to say, it gave her a massive heart attack. She thought it was OK to be nude at 81, but after getting caught that way, it was too much for her to handle, and she croaked!

I, however, still sleep in the nude and practice witchcraft in my birthday suit, too. While I was out in the woods one night, I ran smack dab into a deer. He stared me down as if he was looking at headlights. I was so embarrassed getting caught that I quickly climbed a tree.

Luckily, I had my cell phone with me, so I dialed 911, and the entire police department came to my rescue. To top it off, my picture was on the front page of the newspaper with a nice story line to go with it. Talk about embarrassing... I'll probably never go nude again. -- NAKED WITCH IN NEW HAMPSHIRE

※ Word check

* indulge : 빠지다. 탐닉하다. 버릇없이 기르다

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'NAKED WITCH' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR NAKED WITCH: What did the headline read ― "Deer Trees Em-bare-assed Witch"? Please write back and let me know. And when you do, be sure to mention where you were carrying that cell phone and whether you have recovered from the trauma.

- Conflict ②

Material teen begrudges her friends' new clothes

DEAR ABBY: I am a 14-year-old girl in high school. My family does not have a lot of money, but a lot of my friends' families do. (We have some money, but it's only enough to get by.) When my friends come to school with new clothes or concert tickets, I feel resentful because I can't afford them. I constantly compare myself to other girls and feel jealous of everyone around me. Is there anything I can do to combat this? ― JEALOUS OF EVERYONE IN UPSTATE NEW YORK

※ Word check

* resentful : 분개한

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give ' JEALOUS ' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR JEALOUS: I can think of few things so self-defeating as constantly comparing oneself to other people. No matter what income bracket a person is in, there will always be individuals who have more. Your worth as a person has nothing to do with what's in your closet, what's on your back or whether you can afford concert tickets.

One way to start feeling better about yourself would be to make a list of the qualities that make you special. You are obviously intelligent. Are you also a loyal friend? Are you sensitive to the feelings of other people? These important qualities will outlast any fashion fad ― and the popularity of most music groups, too. The more time you spend dwelling on the important qualities you have, the less time you'll waste being preoccupied with the material things you don't.

※ Word check

* outlast : ~보다 오래가다

* dwell : 살다.

* preoccupy : 몰두하다.



Lotte’s Skyscraper Plan Approved, but Concern Lingers

The Lotte Group's plan to erect a 112-story building in southern Seoul was given the final go-ahead Tuesday, inviting criticism from all sides.

Lotte's new trophy tower will be 555 meters in height, according to the plan, which took Lotte's aging Chairman Shin Kyuk-ho 15 years to see through.

Some military and aviation officials have raised concerns that the building will be too close to Seoul Airport in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, which currently doubles as a military airbase. Residents living in the path of the air route are also up in arms.

The two sites are located about six kilometers apart, and according to the worst-case scenario, aircraft approaching the airport would be in danger of crashing into the skyscraper.

However, in approving the plan, a joint committee of government officials and civilian experts downplayed the safety concerns, saying that the danger could be easily avoided by adjusting the direction of the airport's eastside runway 3 degrees to the east.

The same committee had rejected Lotte's previous request in July 2007.

``On the condition that Lotte honors its agreement with the Air Force on issues over Seoul Airport's operations and aviation safety, we withdraw our 2007 decision,'' said Cho Won-dong, a senior official of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Lotte and the Air Force have recently reached a tentative agreement over financing the reconstruction of the airport's runway and relocating a squadron of KA-1 light fighters to another airbase in Wonju, Gangwon Province.

Construction is to start in the later half of the year for completion by 2014.

The company will spend over one trillion won (about $716 million) over the five-year construction period, with the ambitious plan of creating ``2.5 million'' jobs per year during this period.

Upon completion, ``Lotte World No. 2'' will hire around 23,000 people and attract about 1.5 million foreign tourists, generating a yearly revenue of about $200 million, according to Lotte officials.

``Seoul needs its own landmark as we can't show Namdaemun and Gyeongbok Palace to tourists all the time,'' said a Lotte spokesman.

Aviation experts such as Hanyang University's Cho Jin-soo argue that adjusting the direction of the airport's runway is hardly a fundamental solution to the problem.

Statistics show that most aviation accidents occur shortly after takeoff and before landing, and planes flying into Seoul Airport from the north are about 280 meters above the ground when they pass the area around Lotte's planned skyscraper.

Although times may differ by aircraft type, it would take only 20 to 40 seconds for a plane to reach the 500-meter plus building after leaving Seoul Airport, Cho said.

And pilots flying into the airport will have a window of just 17 to 34 seconds to react if an aircraft wavers off its flight path and moves toward the building, he added.

``The new Lotte building is located as close to 1.2 kilometers from the flight-path for landings, but to ensure air safety, it must be at least three to four kilometers away,'' Cho said.

``Wake turbulence and clear air turbulence could create problems. And a 555-meter building that close to the flight-path would present a psychological threat for any pilot, and should an aircraft move beyond its flight-path due to mechanical problems or other factors, the results could be disastrous.''

※ Word check

* aviation : 항공, 비행

* downplay : 경시하다.

* tentative : 시험적인, 자신 없는 

* squadron : 비행대대

* trillion : 1조

* turbulence : 난류

※ Comprehension Question

1. What does the building look like? How tall is it?

2. Is there any problems about building?

3. When will the construction be finished?

※ Discussion Question

1. There is the 1st Lotte world in Jam-sil. Is it not enough for customer to enjoy their pastime?

2. In the article, there are something positive. Do you agree or disagree? and Why?

3. If the building is built there, the air-force place will have to be moved by our tax. What is your opinion for the decision?

4. What is the most important and essential factor to make a decision for the community?