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▣ <This week's Expressions> ☞ for the birds

Myung-jin : Hak-pyung, did you attend the step-meeting this wednesday?

Hak-pyung : Yes, I did .

Myung-jin : How was it? Was it informative?

Hak-pyung : No, it was for the birds !

▣ <Couple conversation>

◉ Today pop topic - " Old Age and Death "

1. When do you plan to retire? and how do you want to spend your time when you retire?

2. After you retire, which do you think is better, living with your children or living on your own?

3. How often do/did you visit your grandparents?

4. Are you worried about getting older?

5. Why do you think women live longer than men?

6. Which would your prefer, to be buried or cremated?

▣ <Dear Abby>

[Conflict ①]

Dad miffed that fiance failed to ask for his daughter's hand


I am a divorced father of three who has worked hard at staying part of my children's lives, contributing financial and emotional support through college. I have since remarried and have a good relationship with all three, who are now on their own, working and leading normal, healthy and productive lives.

My 24-year-old daughter, " Amanda," has recently become engaged. Despite my giving her a " heads up" about wanting a courtesy call from her fiance, " Larry," at some point, I got nothing. Apparently, she told him it wasn't necessary. So much for who will wear the pants in their family.

Without being a jerk, I mentioned something to Larry -- half in jest -- when they called to give me their good news. Knowing that I may have been slightly offended, I can't believe he didn't call me a few days later with an explanation or an apology. When I later mentioned to Amanda that I was disappointed, she and her sister insisted that the custom is outdated.

Larry is 30; he's no kid. I haven't found one dad yet who didn't get " the call" from a daughter's intended. Do I need to let go of this, or am I justified in speaking further to Larry about it? The wedding is getting closer, and I am ... DISMAYED IN ROSWELL, GA.

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'DISMAYED IN ROSWELL, GA.' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜


For everyone's sake, it would be better if you cooled off and stopped the advice gathering. While I agree that the formality of asking for a woman's hand (or whatever) may be outdated, particularly if a daughter is self-supporting and out on her own, it is still a gesture of respect. It would have been nice if she had held your feelings in higher regard, but perhaps she didn't feel her fiance would pass muster.

I don't know how many dads to whom you have confided this story, but for all concerned, it might be less embarrassing if you stopped and accepted the fact that, as much as you might like to protect your daughter, the gesture was unwelcome.

※ Word check

* miff: cause to become offended or annoyed 발끈하다

* ask for a lady's hand: 청혼하다

* courtesy call: (결혼 승낙을 받기 위해) 상대의 부모님께 인사 드리러 가는 방문, 의례적인 방문

* so much for ~: ~이란 그저 그 정도다 (비꼬는 투의 말)

* jest: something done or said to amuse people 농담

* intended: a person whom one intends to marry 약혼자

* pass muster: be acceptable or satisfactory 성에 차다, 만족하다


[Conflict ②]

Husband’s nightmare attack leaves wife trapped in fear


My husband, " Bob," and I have been married 12 years. One night three years ago, he beat me as I slept in our bed. Bob says he must have been having a nightmare and that he would never beat me.

His fists were clenched as he was hitting my head and body that night. I was pinned by the covers and couldn't defend myself. He has been sleeping in the guest room ever since. I lock my bedroom door every night.

I have gone to counseling, but Bob refuses because he says it's too expensive. I am unemployed and feel trapped financially by him. How long can a middle-aged woman survive in a loveless, passionless and distrustful marriage? -- ALL ABOUT BOB IN ALABAMA

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'ALL ABOUT BOB IN ALABAMA ' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜


That depends upon the reason your marriage is loveless, passionless and distrustful. You say your husband says he has no memory of striking you. Has he ever raised a hand to you while he was awake? If the answer is no, then he should be evaluated for a sleep disorder.

People have been known to do unusual things in their sleep -- including sleepwalking, driving a car, eating compulsively and striking out. Once you know the reason for what happened that night, you will then have enough information to decide what to do about your future.

Check the words and ask your Presider to explain them.


Keep Your Eyes Clean, Moist in Dry Spring

With spring on the doorstep, it's time for people to think about the dryness of the season.

Spring has always been infamous for blowing winds that dry up the eyes and skin. Yellow dust in particular gets into people's eyes, causing redness, runny nose and other conditions, as well as irritation to those wearing contact lenses.

According to a contact lens manufacturer Johnson & Johnson study on 1,200 people, 96 percent feel dryness in their eyes during the spring season but only 6 percent go to doctors or take measures against it.

About 14 percent said they feel irritated when dust gets lodged between their eyelids and eyeballs, while 11 percent said they feel itchy and 9 percent said the dryness caused them headaches.

However, 65 percent said they simply try to get rid of it by blinking several times.

Here are some tips to keep your eyes moist during this dry time of year.

In the morning, eat plenty of tomatoes, which contain plenty of vitamin A, which is good for the eyes. Tomatoes are over 90% water. Also always try to wash contact lenses properly, disposable lenses are recommended.

During the daytime, try to look at distanced objects once an hour. Your eyes need to rest. If you are using a computer, try to place the monitor below your eye level, as looking upward for too long can stress not only the eyes but also the neck.

Try to take a walk once a day. Your eyes need fresh air. Try also to eat at least five blueberries a day.

At night, take some cassia torn seed tea, which is rich in carotene, benefiting the eyes, and massage the eyes five minutes daily to relieve the stress on them. Go to sleep before 11:30 p.m., the best time for the eyes to start refreshing themselves.

※ Word check

* irritation - feeling of slight pain and discomfort there 염증

* itchy - unpleasant feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch 가려운

* disposable - designed to be thrown away after it has been used 사용후 버릴수 있는

※ Comprehension Question

1. Which season is bad for eyes ?

2. Which vegetable is good for eyes moist ?

3. Which time is the best to go sleep ?

※ Discussion Question

1. Do you think that your eyes is dryness ? what's the reason ?

2. Are you wear contact lenses ? is it good for eyes ? or not ?

3. When do you usually go to sleep ? earlier than 11:30pm ? or not ? why ?

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