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▣ <This week's Expressions> ☞ Drop me a line sometime

Soo-young : You look so depressed. What's up?.

Seo-Jin : Hmm.. nothing special, I just need some liquor.

Soo-young : Drop me a line sometime, okay?

Seo-Jin : Okay.

▣ <Couple conversation>

◉ Today pop topic - " happiness "

1. When do you feel happy ? or When do you feel misery ?

2. Getting a job, earning money, is it important to be happy ?

3. What was the most happiest memory in your life ?

4. Happiness is ?...

<Dear Abby>

[Conflict ①]

Parent's absence is leaving a hole in little girl's life


I'm a nanny and have been for three years. The 10-year-old girl I work with is wonderful, and I love her dearly. Her parents are not abusive, but they are caught up in their own lives. They devote very little time or effort to their daughter.

The only thing my employers ever talk to her about is school (she's an A student) and academics. When they are home they spend very little time with her. They never buy her even tiny gifts " just because" -- only when she brings home A's does she get gifts. Of course she is upset by this. She confides in me, to the point of tears.

How can I get her parents to take an active role in her life? I know better than to tell a parent how to be a parent, but they are slowly scarring their daughter and making her resent them. I know they love her, but their parenting makes her feel unlovable.

-------------------------- NANNY IN NEW YORK

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'NANNY IN NEW YORK' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜


Loneliness is the ultimate poverty. For all of her financial advantages, that girl is emotionally starved and for good reason. Her parents appear to be so self-involved they give her only the bare minimum and have handed that " chore" off to you. I'm sad to say what they are doing will have ramifications for their daughter in the future.

Whether you can change their pattern of behavior is open to question. You can try by telling them their daughter " needs more of them" and suggest that ALL of you spend an afternoon/evening together occasionally, so the unaccustomed " burden" won't be too heavy for them. But if they can't or won't devote the time, she should be involved in extracurricular activities that will get her out of the house -- things like sports and classes in music, dance, drama, etc. -- which will give her more positive feedback and less time to brood.

※ Word check

* be caught up in ~: become involved in sth, especially when you do not want to be ~에 치여 (다른 것을 할) 시간이 없다, 발목 잡히다

* confide in ~: tell sby secrets and personal information that you do not want other people to know (비밀을) 얘기하다, 털어놓다

* know better than to ~: be sensible enough not to do sth ~하는 것이 적절치 않음을 알고 있다

* for good reason: because of something obviously true 당연한 결과로서

* ramification: one of the large number of complicated and unexpected results that follow an action or a decision 영향, 결과

* open to question: open to doubt 미지수인, 의심스러운

* brood: think a lot about sth that makes you annoyed, anxious or upset 생각에 잠기다, 깊이 생각하다


[Conflict ②]

Sister pays the price for her brother-in-law's deception


I am in my mid-20s and in a long-term relationship. I can see myself getting married and having children in the next few years. So what do you do when your partner does not share your lifetime goals?

He has told me marriage is on the horizon " someday, maybe," but he has no desire for children. I love him dearly and won't put pressure on him, but have made my intentions clear.

How should I handle his wish to remain childless and unmarried when it is a lifetime dream of mine? --------------------------- DREAMING IN WISCONSIN

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'DREAMING IN WISCONSIN' advice.

☞Abby's advice☜


Marriage may be on your boyfriend's horizon " someday, maybe," but so is interplanetary tourism to Mars. When you realize that your partner does not share your lifetime goals, what you should do is end the relationship on the highest note possible and move on.

※ Word check

* on the horizon: seem likely to happen in the future 미래에 일어날

* interplanetary: between planets 우주의, 행성간의

* on a note: ~상태로

Check the words and ask your Presider to explain them.


Protecting Music Through Copyrights Education

Trying to stop illegal music downloading on the Internet may seem like an impossible task, as young and old Internet users alike freely download copyrighted songs without awareness of the criminal implications.

In the past, music companies would chase after people who illegally downloaded music, but this proved to be largely ineffective in deterring other downloaders.

Now, the music industry has changed tactics. According to Lee Deok-yo, the CEO of the Korean Association of Phonogram Producers (KAPP), the industry is fighting against rampant music piracy through an information campaign featuring pop stars like Wonder Girls and FT Island, and improving technical protection for digital audio files.

``We have sued people who have downloaded contents illegally, but we soon realized our actions would not help in rooting out the already widely-known and practice. The downloaders were young, high school and even middle school students, and it was quite a shock for them to be sued by an organization at that age. They didn't know what they were doing. They just wanted to listen to music for free,'' Lee told The Korea Times in an interview at the association's office in northern Seoul.

Launched in 2001, KAPP has more than 1,000 music-related agencies as members and oversees more than 140,000 songs, and also works with some of the best known music Web sites including Bugs and Mnet Media.

The association started the ``Bul-ggeun Campaign'' in 2007. With goodwill ambassadors like the Wonder Girls and FT Island helping to spread the message against illegal downloading, the campaign has sparked interest among users and music lovers.

``In the past, compact discs were sold through retailers and wholesalers. Now, anyone can download anything and organizations like us can't track them all down. There are so many songs that are just slipping through our fingers without the creators even knowing. The Internet has brought a whole new media atmosphere, but our system and laws were not able to catch up. That was the major problem,'' he added.

When Korea realized the need of stopping copyright violations 40 years ago, there was Germany, which boasts a copyright history of 100 years, and Japan, to learn from.

``But now, in the online world, no one is better and faster than Korea. That's why it's so important for us to come up with a firm and fair plan and laws to protect not only our own songwriters, but also those abroad,'' Lee said.

KAPP and other copyright agencies have been busy trying to come up with effective plans to ban users from downloading illegally.

Technical protection measures have been used worldwide but music technology experts here have come up with a more elaborate, five-level measure for digital audio.

The first level bans certain lyrics and titles. When users find a way by playing with the words in both the Korean and English languages, the second level kicks in, banning the lineups and mix-ups of certain words.

The third level bans particular types of files, such as MP3 or AVI files, from being downloaded, while the fourth recognizes certain hash functions, or the digital function each song and movie has as a characteristic. The final level, which is currently only carried out in Korea, is the filtering stage, in which content production and distribution companies offer special servers that recognize the specific codes songs have. These songs are registered to certain companies like KAPP and when a user downloads or even uploads any kind of property registered, the contents will be transmitted to the server and be confirmed as property violation. As soon as server recognizes the codes, downloads and uploads are cut off.

Lee stressed the importance of bringing awareness to the young as well, as young Internet users tend to ignore or even aren't aware of the need of having to pay for others' property.

``We've realized the need and so we've started to look into offering copyright sessions during music classes in high and middle school. These should be available everywhere. We hope to bring everything there is to know about copyright, from the definition to why it must be protected to how to do so.

``Music is like the arrowhead of an arrow. As culture spreads around the world, music is what touches the people first. That's why protecting music producers' copyright is so important,'' Lee said.

※ Comprehension Question

1. When KAPP Launched ? and tell me KAPP's full name.

2. Which group participated the ``Bul-ggeun Campaign'' in 2007 ?

3. What's the five-level measure for digital audio ?

※ Discussion Question

1. When you download mp3 files, Do you feel guilty ?

2. Where do you get those files ? tell our members.

3. Do you have any idea for protecting music ?