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▣  <This week's Expressions>      ☞    It serves you right.


Han-sol : Min-Jeong is mad at me.

Seo-Jin : Why? What did you say?

Han-sol : I just told her hair looked awful.

Seo-Jin : It serves you right, Han-sol.


▣  <Couple conversation>

◉ Today pop topic - " Teacher "

1. What teacher do you like best ?

2. Have you had any experience as a teacher ?

3. What do teachers need to do ?

4. Let's talk about an unforgettable memory of the teacher.

- Conflict ①

Wife's brutal sense of humor leaves its mark on marriage

 DEAR ABBY: My wife thinks it's funny when she hits me. The other day I was splitting some wood and decided to take a break. I began driving golf balls into the field. She came out, grabbed the club out of my hands and whacked me in the leg with it. When I asked her why, she said, " Get back to work!"  and started laughing. I was left with a large welt and a big bruise.

 Another time she bought some king crab legs for dinner. When I asked her if she was serving anything else with them, she picked up a crab claw and hit me in the forehead with it. She thought it was funny. I ended up in the emergency room with three stitches.

 Last night, I was trying to add up our bills on the computer. She walked in and smacked me in the chin with the keyboard. She said I should be able to do the bills on paper like a normal person.

 We have been together nine years, married for three. I love her with all my heart, but I'm getting tired of her little " jokes."  How can I approach her? I want her to know how I feel, but I'm afraid to offend her or make her angry. -- FRUSTRATED IN OREGON

※ Word check

* welt: a raised mark on the skin where sth has hit or rubbed you 채찍자국

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'FRUSTRATED' advice.


DEAR FRUSTRATED: Why are you afraid to speak your mind? Are you afraid she'll hit you again? Your wife has a sadistic sense of humor and enjoys seeing you in pain. Unless you draw the line, she will cause you serious injury.

Regardless of how much you love her, for your own safety you should get the heck out of there. What you have described is a form of spousal abuse, and it will escalate. That's why I'm urging you to contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The toll-free number is (800) 799-7233. The counselors there offer guidance to women AND men who are being abused by their spouse or partner.

Another organization, SAFE (Stop Abuse for Everyone), also assists victims of abuse regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation. Its Web site is

※ Word check

* draw the line: set a limit 선을 긋다, 한계를 짓다


- Conflict ②

Mother of groom makes big trouble for small wedding

 DEAR ABBY: I need some advice -- fast! My daughter, " Julie,"  is being married in July to a wonderful young man I'll call " Denny,"  who is also an only child. Julie and Denny planned a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family to be held in our prize-winning flower garden. The guest list was limited to 50, so my sister is catering the happy day.

 Now, suddenly, Denny's mother bought another 200 invitations and mailed them out! At last count, we have 180 guests! I thought the guest list was up to the bride and groom. Not only is there not enough room in our garden, but no parking! We live in a small, gated community, and our covenants do not allow for that many cars. Must we find another venue for the wedding or can we tell mom-in-law-to-be she was out of line? -- FUTURE MOTHER-IN-LAW

※ Word check

* gated community: a group of houses surrounded by a wall or fence, with an entrance that is guarded 외부인 출입 통제 마을

* covenant: a legal agreement, especially one to pay a regular amount of money to sby/sth 계약

* venue: a place where people meet for an organized event (행사가 열리는) 장소

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'FUTURE M.I.L.' advice.


☞Abby's advice☜

 DEAR FUTURE M.I.L.: What Denny's mother did was extremely presumptuous. However, this is not your problem, so please don't make it so.

 Inform Denny's mother that entertaining more than 50 wedding guests on your property is forbidden by the codes, covenants and restrictions in your community and that she must now call every one of the guests she invited and rescind the invitation. Then alert the security personnel that only those on the original guest list are to be admitted.

 Please understand that you and your daughter have my deepest sympathy, because this is only the opening salvo in the power struggle that's to come with this nervy woman -- so be prepared.

※ Word check

* presumptuous: too confident, in a way that shows a lack of respect for other people 도를 넘은, 주제넘은

* rescind: officially state that a law, contract, decision, etc. is no longer valid 취소하다

* salvo: the act of firing several guns or dropping several bombs, etc. at the same time 일제 사격

* nervy: arrogantly impudent 뻔뻔스러운

☈ PART 2

Global Crisis Enhances Korean Products’ Edge

 Just before the global financial crisis, Korea was described as being sandwiched between two arms of a nutcracker ― the developed Japanese economy and the emerging power of China. But the ongoing economic difficulty shows that Korea is not a helpless case at all, according to a researcher affiliated with a big conglomerate.

 LG Economic Research Institute (LERI) said Wednesday the situation is reversing, helping improve Korean makers' competitiveness in the global markets.

 Exports' share of Korea's gross domestic product jumped from 32 percent to 45 percent over the past 10 years, which the research institute says rebuts the gloomy forecast that the local economy will lose steam.

 Korean products can secure a better foothold on the global stage as the economic slowdown is making consumers embrace goods with better value for price, LERI economist Kim Jae-moon said.

 ``Korean products are cheaper than Japanese ones but still way ahead of Chinese ones in quality,'' Kim said.

 ``Most Chinese makers of cheap and low-level products may be quicker in improving their quality, but know-how imbedded in Korean products have been successfully shaking off their Chinese rivals' hot pursuit of them so far,'' he added.

 Narrowing gaps between world's top-tier brands and Korean brands further strengthen Korea's market presence, Kim argued.

 In electronics devices, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have improved ahead of world's perennial leaders such as Sony and Nokia. Hyundai Motor's Genesis sedan was recognized by U.S. Fortune magazine as the ``best-buy choice'' in its price range.

 Samsung has retained the world's No.1 spot in televisions ahead of Sony for three straight years. Hyundai outperformed Nissan to jump to the sixth largest car seller in the U.S market.

The LERI report said Korean makers focus on basic values first and their strategy is working well to undercut Japanese makers in the U.S. market.

 ``While Toyota steadily adheres to improving comfort and endurance and pushes its boundary in the U.S. market, Mitsubishi and Mazda, which try to attract certain kinds of consumers, have failed to grow in the mainstream market.''

※ Word check

* conglomerate: 거대기업

* perennial: 장기간 계속하는

* undercut: 경쟁자보다 싸게 팔다

※ Comprehension Question

1. How much did the export's share of Korea's gross domestic product jump?