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Weekly Topics [09-06-06]New crisis, calm response

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▣  <This week's Expressions>      ☞    You're making a scene.

Myung-jin : I love you. Hak-pyung.

Hak-pyung : Oh! My lovely COBI.

Ji-ye : Oops, what are they doing?

Ji-eun : What a shame! you're making a scene.

Ji-ye : Everyone is looking at us.

▣  <Couple conversation>

◉ Today pop topic - " Death "

1. The Supreme Court allowed a women suffering from terminal stage cancer to die.

Death with dignity become legal. What do you think?

2. People are curious about the unknown life after death. What will happen?

3. You believe in ghosts?

4. South Korea former president committed suicide. Why did people choose suicide?

<Weekly expression>

You're making a scene. // 소란피우고 있어. 추태부리고 있어.(볼만한 장면을 연출하다)

<Dear Abby>

- Conflict ①

Gal pal dreams of being more than just a friend

DEAR ABBY: I am a 30-year-old woman who is deeply smitten with a close friend I'll call " Andy."  He often tells me about other women he's interested in. As his friend, I am more than happy to listen to his troubles and offer advice. At the same time, it's not always easy to hear about these women because of my feelings for him.

Do you think that once someone is in the "friend zone"  it's possible to move beyond that? Or am I doomed to a lifetime of being " the friend" ? -- WANTING MORE IN NEW YORK

※ Word check

* smitten: suddenly feeling that you are in love with sb 사랑하게 된, 매혹된

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'WANTING MORE' advice.


DEAR WANTING MORE: You are not " doomed to a lifetime of being the friend" unless you aid and abet the " perp."  Your problem is you are making yourself too available. It's time to start developing other interests and other relationships. What Andy needs is a chance to miss you. And if that doesn't happen, you will have already moved on.

※ Word check

* aid and abet: help sb to do sth illegal or wrong (범행을) 방조하다

* perp: a person who has committed a crime 범죄자, 범인 (perpetrator의 준말)

- Conflict ②

Woman who’s a real catch has trouble finding anglers

DEAR ABBY: Call me confident, but I know I am a real catch. But for the life of me, I can't get a date with the "right" kind of guy.

Abby, I am beautiful inside and out. I was raised in a great family with good morals, I'm kind to everyone, I've got a killer personality, great sense of humor, an inspiring attitude, and the glass is always half-full.

This may seem cocky, but my two problems with men are: I seem to attract creeps, and the kind of men I deserve don't think they've got a shot in hell, so they don't ask me out.

Most of the dates and relationships I've had have happened because I asked the other person out. I've been in two major relationships with very attractive, bright men, and I'd like to experience that again.

I'm so sick of meeting creeps! I really want someone in my league. I've been told a thousand times that I'm gorgeous, stunning, or asked why I'm not modeling. Yesterday someone called me Miss America. I'm well-read and in tune with the arts, smart and funny. Where are the male equivalents? -- DATELESS 23-YEAR-OLD

※ Word check

* a real catch: one that is worth having, especially an attractive or admirable marital partner

(월척이라는 의미에서) 킹카, 퀸카

* anglers: sb who catches fish as a sport 낚시꾼

* good morals: principles or standards of good behavior, especially in matters of sex 바른 품행

* killer: (구어, 형용사로 쓰임) very attractive, good, impressive etc 죽이는 

* the glass is always half-full: a person views the situation optimistically or hopefully (잔에 물이 반 남았을 때 반이나 남아있다고 생각한다는 의미에서) 긍정적 관점을 갖고 있다

* cocky: overly self-assertive or self-confident 건방진, 잘난 체 하는

* creep: (구어) sb who you dislike extremely 불쾌한 녀석

* in sb’s league: on the same level with sb ~와 같은 수준의

* stunning: extremely attractive or beautiful 절세미인인

* in tune with sth: able to realize, understand sth ~에 조예가 깊은

※ Suppose you are 'abby' and try to give 'DATELESS' advice.


☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR DATELESS: They died of altitude sickness, trying to climb the pedestal you have placed yourself on. You have described your obvious selling points, but what about the quality of your character? Are you nice to people who don't want anything from you? Are you giving? Sensitive? Can you compromise? Are you interested in other people?

Perfection does not exist in anyone. And the sooner you become less preoccupied with your own perfection, the more likely it is that you'll meet your male "equivalent."

※ Word check

* altitude sickness: disorders that occur at higher altitudes 고산병

* pedestal: the base on which a statue stands (비유적으로) 콧대, (흉상 등을 올려놓는) 받침대

* put/place sb on a pedestal: admire sb so much that you treat them as though they are perfect 숭상하다

* selling points: strong points or advantages (잘 팔리게 할만한) 장점

* preoccupied with sth: thinking about sth a lot, with the result that you do not pay attention to other things ~에 심취하다, ~에 몰두해있다



New crisis, calm response

North Korea has conducted its second nuclear test, an act that has drastically changed the security environment on and around the Korean Peninsula. In the past, the international community has not officially admitted North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons. Now, like it or not, it has to regard the communist country as a nuclear state.

The countries of Northeast Asia have long expressed the hope that North Korea would give up its nuclear weapons and programs. Other countries in other regions of the world share this view.

But until the North gives up its nuclear programs and weapons, the international community will continue to intensify its response and aid to North Korea will no longer be offered. That will only serve to increase the hardships faced by North Korean citizens, increasing resentment against their leaders. The nuclear test has also ruined North Korea’s plans to become a so-called “strong and prosperous state” by 2012.

We are in serious trouble. The fact that North Korea has become a nuclear state poses a powerful threat to our national security. We need to reexamine and reorganize our security measures immediately. Although our conventional weapons are much stronger than North Korea’s, they are useless before a nuclear weapon. Because of conditions that do not allow us to possess nuclear weapons immediately, we have no choice but to entirely depend on the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

We must further enhance the South Korea-U.S. alliance. At the South Korea-U.S. summit scheduled for next month, we should request that President Barack Obama reconfirm an agreement to offer the U.S. nuclear deterrent to South Korea.

The Kaesong Industrial Complex could now become a place where hostages are held to threaten South Korea, rather than a frontier for our companies and workers to lay the groundwork for the future of inter-Korean relations. Even though the Kaesong complex does not need to close immediately, we must be prepared to deal with the worst. Since North Korea has gone ahead with its second nuclear test, the chance that it will give up its nuclear weapons and programs has grown ever more distant.  Still, it’s the goal we can never give up.

It will be impossible to achieve lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, not to mention reunification, if North Korea does not abandon its nuclear weapons and programs. We need to do everything we can to make this a reality.

North Korea’s second nuclear test has changed the world. But we must not panic or get overwhelmed. The government and the people must work together to respond to this new crisis in a calm and rational way.

※ Word check

* deterrent: 방해물

* hostage: 인질

* reunification: 통일

* overwhelm: 압도하다, 질리다

※ Comprehension Question

1. What is the main problem in this article?  

2. Is North Korea the country as a nuclear state? What is the reason?

※ Discussion Question

1. What do you think about the nuclear?

2. What do we have to do for eliminating the North Korea's nuclear?

3. Do you believe the military in South Korea?