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▣        ☞    You don't look yourself today. 

Eun-ju : You don't look yourself today.
Jong-myong : Yes.. I'm lonly nowadays.. 

Eun-ju : Really? why don't you make a girl friend?

Jong-myong : Ok... I'll try.. but.. I think it's impossible.  

Eun-ju : Come on... I believe you can do it!!


◉ Today pop topic - " Vacation "

1. Which do you think is the best season for a vacation?

2. In the summer which place do you prefer - the mountains or the sea?

3. Name the countries you want to visit.

4. Tell your plans in details during vacation.



<Weekly expression>

You don't look yourself today //  평소같지 않아 보여. 안좋아 보인다.

- Conflict ①

A girlfriend who conceals her gambling debt from boyfriend

DEAR ABBY: I have been dating "Mary"  for 18 months, and I was really starting to fall for her. Things were going well until three weeks ago, when she informed me that she has a serious gambling problem. She has maxed out her credit cards and has no money left in her savings. Until this point, Mary had given me the impression that she was someone I could trust and that she was in control of her life.
I am in total shock and very upset about the fact that she has
misrepresented herself to me. She said she didn't want to lose me. She says that even though we're not married, every relationship has its ups and downs, and a piece of paper should not define commitment.
Some of my friends say I should never see her again as she is
manipulative. Others say continuing the relationship depends on how I feel about her. While I can forgive her, I am having a problem with the issue of trust.
Abby, given the circumstances, do you feel this is someone I can trust? My gut tells me buyer beware. -- ON THE FENCE IN NEVADA

※ Word check

* conceal (a matter) from (a person) : keep sth secret ~에게 -을 비밀로 하다

* max out : to reach the limit at which nothing more is possible 한계에 달하다

* savings : an amount of sth such as time or money that you do not need to use or spend 저축

* misrepresent : to give information about sb/sth that is not true or complete so that other people have the wrong impression about them/it 잘못전하다, 부정확하게 말하다

* ups and downs : the mixture of good and bad things in life or in a particular situation or relationship 좋은 일과 나쁜 일, 기복

* commitment : a promise to do sth or to behave in a particular way 위임, 위탁

* manipulative : skillful at influencing sby or forcing sby to do what you want, often in an unfair way 교활한, 교묘하게 사람을 조종하는

※ Suppose you are 'Abby' and try to give 'On the fence in Nevada' advice.


DEAR ON THE FENCE: Has Mary made any effort to seek help for her gambling problem? If the answer is no -- and I suspect it is -- then listen to your gut. Listen to your head. And if you have any doubt that they're leading you in the right direction, listen to what your lawyer and accountant have to say about the risk of pursuing this relationship further.

※ Word check

* suspect : to have an idea that sth is probably true or likely to happen, especially sth bad, but without having definite proof 짐작하다, 용의자

* gut : based on feelings and emotions rather than thought and reason (구어) 직감, 본능,감정



- Conflict ②

Gal pal dreams of being more than just a friend

DEAR ABBY: I am a 30-year-old woman who is deeply smitten with a close friend I'll call " Andy."  He often tells me about other women he's interested in. As his friend, I am more than happy to listen to his troubles and offer advice. At the same time, it's not always easy to hear about these women because of my feelings for him.
Do you think that once someone is in the " friend zone"  it's possible to move beyond that? Or am I
doomed to a lifetime of being " the friend" ? -- WANTING MORE IN NEW YORK

※ Word check

* gal pal : girl friend (구어) 여자친구

* offer : to say that you are willing to do sth for sb or give sth to sb 제공하다

* smitten: suddenly feeling that you are in love with sb 사랑하게 된, 매혹된

* doomed to : cannot help but to do ~할 수 밖에 없는 운명인

※ Suppose you are 'Abby' and try to give 'Wanting more in New York' advice.


DEAR WANTING MORE: You are not " doomed to a lifetime of being the friend" unless you
aid and abet the "perp."  Your problem is you are making yourself too available. It's time to start developing other interests and other relationships. What Andy needs is a chance to miss you. And if that doesn't happen, you will have already moved on.

※ Word check

* aid and abet: help sb to do sth illegal or wrong (범행을) 방조하다
* perp: a person who has committed a crime 범죄자, 범인 (perpetrator의 준말)

* move on : keep go on 계속 앞으로 나아가다; 멈추지 않다



☈ PART 2

Fighting Insomnia with Vitamins

Did you know that vitamin supplements may be used to provide you some relief from insomnia? This is particularly true if you are deficient in certain vitamins, amino acids, minerals, or enzymes that are necessary for healthy sleep. Try adding one of the following nutritional supplements to your daily well-balanced diet.

★ Calcium: When combined with food, calcium can have a sedative effect on your body. Calcium deficiencies in your body can cause wakefulness and restlessness. The recommended amount of calcium supplement per day is 600mg. It should be taken along with food and may be combined with a magnesium supplement.

★ Magnesium: Take a magnesium supplement of 250g each day. This can help induce sleep since a magnesium deficiency can cause nervousness which may prevent you from sleeping. Studies show that low levels of magnesium can lead to shallower sleep and cause you to wake more during the night. Try to add magnesium-rich foods to your diet. These includes wheat bran, almonds, cashews, blackstrap molasses, and kelp.

★ Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine): 50 to 100mg of Vitamin B6 per day can help prevent insomnia. Your body needs adequate B6 in order to produce serotonin which is required for the sleep-triggering hormone called melatonin. An excellent source of vitamin B6 is a tablespoon or two of nutritional yeast which can be stirred into a glass of fruit juice.

★ Vitamin B12 (cobalamin): This is another important supplement in the cure for insomnia. If you are deficient in this vitamin, you may experience confusion, loss of memory, and a general feeling of tiredness. The recommended daily dose is 25mg and can be combined with Vitamin B5. Good amounts of Vitamin B12 and B5 can be found in walnuts, sunflower seeds, bananas, tuna, wheat germ, peanuts, and whole grains.

Copper: Studies show that a low intake of copper in pre-menopausal women may inhibit them from falling asleep quickly. The study showed that those women who received a 2mg copper supplement each day fell asleep faster and felt more rested in the morning. You are probably getting 1mg of copper each day which wouldn’t cause enough of a deficiency to cause any obvious symptoms but may be affecting the way that you sleep. Try to include more copper in your diet. Some of the best sources are cooked oysters and lobster.

If you eat a well-balanced diet, you should find that you have no problem with vitamin deficiencies. You may want to add one or two of the above supplements to your diet for a short period of time to see if you notice a significant difference. If you find that there is no noticeable improvement, you may want to cease taking the supplement and concentrate on improving your eating and exercise habits.

※ Word check

* supplement : a thing that is added to sth else to improve or complete it 보충

* amino acid : any of the substances that combine to form the basic structure of proteins 아미노산

* enzyme : a substance, produced by all living things, which helps a chemical change happen or happen more quickly, without being changed itself 효소

* sedative : a drug that makes sb go to sleep or makes them feel calm and relaxed 진정의, 진정시키는, 진정제
* wakefulness : sleeplessness 깨어있는, 잠이 오지 않는

* induce : to persuade or influence sb to do sth 유도하다, 일으키다

* deficiency : the state of not having, or not having enough of, sth that is essential부족

* shallow : not having much distance between the top or surface and the bottom 얕은

* bran : the outer covering of grain which is left when the grain is made into flour 겨

* blackstrap molasses : a thick black sweet sticky liquid produced when sugar is refined (= made pure), used in cooking 당밀

* kelp : a type of brown seaweed, sometimes used as a fertilizer to help plants grow 다시마

* adequate : enough in quantity, or good enough in quality, for a particular purpose or need 충분한, 적절한, 알맞은

* trigger : the part of a gun that you press in order to fire it 방아쇠, 유발시키다

* yeast : a fungus used in making beer and wine, or to make bread rise 효모

* stir : to move a liquid or substance around, using a spoon or sth similar, in order to mix it thoroughly 젓다

* dose : an amount of a medicine or a drug that is taken once, or regularly over a period of time 복용량

* copper : a soft reddish-brown metal used for making electric wires, pipes and coins 구리

* intake : the amount of food, drink, etc. that you take into your body 섭취, 받아들이는 곳

* menopausal : the time during which a woman gradually stops menstruating, usually at around the age of 50 폐경기의

* inhabit : to live in a particular place 살다, 거주하다

* significant :  large or important enough to have an effect or to be noticed 중요한, 의미있는

※ Comprehension Question

1. What is recommended for insomnia in this article? 

2. How much magnesium supplement does insomniac need per day?

( * insomniac : a person who finds it difficult to sleep 불면증환자)

3. Copper is good for especially pre-menopausal women .

※ Discussion Question

1. Do you take any suppliments? Do you think they make you better comparing not having them?

2. Have you ever suffered from insomnia? What do you do when you suffer from it?