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▣        ☞     Go for it 

Seo-jin : Hey, there's an opening for a presider next regular meeting.
              Are you interested?

Jong-myong  : Well, yeah. I'm interested, 
                        but I'm not sure if I can be a good presider.

Eun-ju : Come on. Just go for it. 
Jong-myong : Next time, I'll try.


◉ Today pop topic - " Smoke "

1. Do you smoke? Why? Why not?

2. Do you think you could quit if you wanted to?


3. Do you think cigarettes are expensive?

4. What do you think about a law that bans smoking in public places? 


Go for it      /// 한번 시도해 봐.


- Conflict ①

Family objects to woman's plunge into internet romance

DEAR ABBY: I met " Paul"  through an ad I placed on an Internet dating service. We have been out in person and have also been cyber-dating for nearly a year. Paul used to live close by, but he got an offer on his place, so he sold it and moved to his second home in another state. He invited me to come along, but because I had college-aged children still residing with me, I didn't move.
My kids have now moved into places of their own, and Paul has asked that we buy our own house in the state where my kids live. I agreed. The problem is my
extended family. Except for my sister, everyone thinks I'm being taken advantage of. Paul has more money than I will ever have in my life. I trust and love him. My children approve of our relationship.
Does it matter that most of our relationship
thus far has been spent on the Internet? We talk on the phone, chat online and probably spend more time together than couples living together do. How do I politely tell my family to back off? If I get hurt, I get hurt -- but it's a chance I'm willing to take. -- HAPPY AND HOPING IN MICHIGAN

※ Word check

* object to: oppose ~에 반대하다

* plunge: the act of becoming involved in a situation or activity 빠짐, 뛰어듦
* in person: physically 직접, 실제로

* reside: to live in a particular place 살다, 거주하다

* extend: to make sth longer or larger 확장하다

* approve: to think that sb/sth is good, acceptable or suitable 승인하다, 찬성하다
* thus far: until now 지금까지

* politely: having or showing good manners and respect for the feelings of others 정중하게

* be willing to: would gladly[fain] do 기꺼이~하다

※ Suppose you are 'Abby' and try to give ‘HAPPY AND HOPING IN MICHIGAN' advice.


☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR HAPPY AND HOPING: I have a suggestion. While in some areas the real estate market is beginning to recover, it should become even better as the economy improves -- so why don't you and Paul rent out your houses for now, and rent an apartment for a year in the area in which you are considering buying? That way, you won't be rushing into a purchase in an area you're not familiar with, and you and Paul can decide if you're as compatible in person as you are on the phone and Internet. Please understand I am not implying that there is anything wrong with Paul, only that you should not rush into making a hefty financial investment while in the heat of passion.

※ Word check

* suggestion: an idea or a plan that you mention for sb else to think about 제안

* rush into: hurry 서두르다

* be familiar with: be acquainted with ~와 친숙한 사이다

* compatible: able to be used together 양립할 수 있는

* imply: to suggest that sth is true or that you feel or think sth, without saying so directly 포함하다, 암시하다

* hefty: larger than usual or expected (금액 등이) 거대한, 큰


- Conflict ②

Law student trying to pass the bar is hampered by mom

DEAR ABBY: I am starting to prepare for one of the most difficult hurdles of my career, the bar exam. Please tell me what I should do about my mother -- who just does not seem to get it.
She interrupts me constantly about things that have nothing to do with me. She calls during my study hours with requests or comments about
trite issues that could be more easily handled by one of my siblings.
Before I graduated from law school, my mother expressed doubt that I could make it through. She said that two of my sisters are successful in their careers without a higher education. Shouldn't family encourage and support one another? -- FAMILY VS. CAREER IN BERKELEY, CALIF.

※ Word check

* hamper: to prevent sb from easily doing or achieving sth 방해하다

* bar exam: 변호사 시험

* trite: dull and boring because it has been expressed so many times before 흔한, 평범한, 케케묵은, 진부한  

* sibling: a brother or sister 형제, 자매

※ Suppose you are 'Abby' and try to give 'FAMILY VS. CAREER IN BERKELEY, CALIF.' advice.


☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR F VS. C: Yes, they should -- but unfortunately, not all of them actually do, and I respect the fact that you have persisted in spite of your mother's lack of vision. You didn't ask for advice, but allow me to offer some. Turn your phone off and tune your mother out until after the bar exam is over.

※ Word check

* respect: a feeling of admiration for sb/sth because of their good qualities or achievements 존경, 존경하다

* persist: to continue to do sth despite difficulties or opposition, in a way that can seem unreasonable 고집하다, 주장하다

* in spite of : (do sth) even though you do not want or expect to ~에도 불구하고, ~를 무릅쓰고

☈ PART 2

Reading Can Be the Best Stress Reliever

What do you usually do when you are stressed? People relieve their stress through many different activities. Some people choose to listen to music, while others go for a walk. I’m sure many of you play video games or just take a nap to relieve your stress. But what is the most effective way of reducing stress levels?

According to new research conducted by British researchers, reading is the best way to relax. The researchers found that reading can reduce stress levels by 68 percent. Their study showed that even six minutes of reading can be enough to reduce stress levels by more than two thirds.

The research was carried out on a group of volunteers by consultancy Mindlab International at the University of Sussex. During the study, the volunteers tried a variety of traditional methods of relaxation such as listening to music, exercising, drinking coffee or tea, and reading. The researchers examined their stress levels and heart rate.

“Among the many methods, reading worked best, reducing stress levels by 68 percent,” said Dr. David Lewis who led the research. “I found that after reading for six minutes, the subjects’ heart rate slowed down and their muscles became relaxed.”

On the other hand, listening to music reduced stress levels by 61 percent, having a cup of tea or coffee lowered them by 54 percent, and taking a walk by 42 percent. Playing video games brought them down by 21 percent from their highest level, but still left the volunteers with heart rates above their starting point.

“Reading works better and faster than other methods to calm frazzled nerves such as listening to music, going for a walk or settling down with a cup of tea,” Dr. Lewis said. “I believe this is because the human mind has to concentrate on reading and the distraction of being taken into a literary world eases the tensions in muscles and the heart.”

The study showed that losing yourself in a book is the ultimate relaxation. “It really doesn’t matter what book you read. By losing yourself in a thoroughly captivating book, you can escape from the worries and stress of the everyday world and spend a moment exploring the domain of the author’s imagination,” said Dr. Lewis.

※ Word check

* relieve: to remove or reduce an unpleasant feeling or pain 경감하다

* go for a walk: to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way 산책하다

* research: study 연구

* conduct: to organize and/or do a particular activity 행동하다, 이끌다, 수행하다

* reduce: to make sth less or smaller in size, quantity, price, etc. 줄이다, 줄다

* consultancy: a company that gives expert advice on a particular subject to other companies or organizations 컨설턴트회사

* relaxation: ways of resting and enjoying yourself 이완

* examine: to consider or study an idea, a subject, etc. very carefully 검사하다, 시험하다

* heart rate: rate of heart pumping 심박동수

* frazzled: tired and easily annoyed 지친, 신경이 곤두선

* distraction: a thing that takes your attention away from what you are doing or thinking about 정신이 흐트러짐

* tension: of a person nervous or worried, and unable to relax 긴장

* ultimate: happening at the end of a long process 최후의

* thoroughly: done completely 완전히

* captivate: to keep sb’s attention by being interesting, attractive, etc. ~의 마음을 사로잡다

* domain: an area of knowledge or activity 영토, 지역

※ Comprehension Question

1. According to new research conducted by British researchers, what is the best way to relax?

2. Who lead the research?

3. How much the stress level decrease by playing video games?



※ Discussion Question

1. Do you like reading books? What kind of books do you like?

2. What do you usually do when you are stressed?