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▣        ☞     Absolutely.

Jong-myong : I don't wanna study English anymore. I prefer studying Chinese.  Do you think Chinese will become the world language?
Dong-jin : No, of course not. I think there's no possibility.
Jong-myong : Are you sure?
Dong-jin :


◉ Today pop topic - " Marriage/Divorce"

1. Do you like being married?

2. Do you think you could love your spouse permanently?

3. Which do you think is more important, the happiness of your children or your own?

4.  Would you remarry if your spouse died?


Absolutely // 절대적으로, 물론!!

<Dear Abby>

- Conflict ①

Dad deciphers son’s secret through keystroke recording

DEAR ABBY: My 16-year-old son, "Derrick," recently stopped talking to me. Frustrated about not being able to open the lines of communication, I installed a keystroke recorder on our home computer. It enabled me to see what Derrick was writing in his e-mails. I know it was a violation of his privacy, but I was afraid and didn't know who else to ask what was going on.
I learned that Derrick has gotten his girlfriend
pregnant. They are discussing various options, and he is thinking about running away from home.
How can I help my son through this, having gained this information in an
underhanded way? If I reveal how I learned about this, I will lose his trust forever. But if I don't help him, I don't know what will happen. Please help me. -- SPY DAD IN TEXAS

※ Word check

* decipher: find the meaning of sth that is difficult to read or understand (비밀 등을) 알아내다, 판독하다

* open lines of communication: 대화를 할 방도가 생기다, 통신망을 열다

* a violation of privacy: 사생활 침해

* pregnant: of a woman or female animal having a baby or young animal developing inside her/its body 임신한

* underhanded: secret and dishonest 비밀의

☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR SPY DAD: You may not have to tell Derrick how you got the information. You are his father. Sit him down, tell him you love him, that he's the most important thing in this world to you and that you're worried sick because he has become secretive and uncommunicative. Tell him that if he's in any sort of trouble he won't be punished or lectured to and that you will do whatever it takes to help him. And do not let him get up until he has finally told you what is wrong.

※ Word check

* worried sick: (병이 날만큼) 많이 걱정하는


- Conflict ②

Tardy dinner guest gets a helping of hurt feeling

DEAR ABBY: I was recently invited to a friend's home for dinner. When I arrived just a few minutes past the time I was told the meal would be served, I found that everyone had finished eating. I was asked if I'd like something to eat and offered a plate, but refused because I would have felt uncomfortable eating alone while everyone else stood around visiting. I stayed about an hour and left.
The next day, I tried to explain to my friends that I felt like a fool walking in expecting to join them for dinner only to see it was over. I told them I thought it was rude of them to eat before all their guests had arrived. They felt that because everyone else had arrived earlier in the day and the food was ready, that it was OK. They also said I shouldn't have gotten so upset about it.
Now I feel I have caused
hard feelings between us and I should have just kept my mouth shut. Was it wrong to tell them how I felt? Am I wrong in thinking you should wait for all your guests to arrive before starting a meal? -- HURT IN WASHINGTON


※ Word check

* tardy: slow to act, move or happen 뒤늦은, 더딘

* hard feelings: feelings of resentment or anger 불편한 감정, 악감정

☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR HURT: If the invitation read, " Come between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m."  and you were the last to arrive " a few minutes past the time the meal was to be served,"  then I can understand why the other guests started without you. However, if you were told that dinner was scheduled for 6 o'clock and when you arrived you were offered their leftovers, then your feelings are understandable.
Should you have spoken up? I think friends should be able to
level with each other. And I find it interesting that telling them your feelings put them on the defensive.

※ Word check

* level with: tell sb the truth and not hide any unpleasant facts from them 솔직한 말을 하다, 사실을 털어놓다

☈ PART 2

Apollo 11 Astronauts to Look to Mars

The first astronauts to walk on the moon want President Barack Obama to aim for a new destination: Mars.
On July 20, the Apollo 11 crewmen,
fresh from a Washington lecture Sunday in which two of them expressed concerns about NASA getting bogged down on the moon, were scheduled to meet with Obama at the White House.
In one of their few joint public appearances, the crew of Apollo 11 spoke on the eve of the 40th anniversary of man's first landing on the moon, but didn't get
soggy with nostalgia. They instead spoke about the future and the more distant past.
Sunday night, a packed crowd at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum — 7,000 people applied in a lottery for 485 seats — didn't get the
intimate details of the Eagle's landing on the moon with little fuel left, or what the moon looked like, or what it felt like to be there.
got second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin's pitch for Mars. He said the best way to honor the Apollo astronauts "is to follow in our footsteps; to boldly go again on a new mission of exploration."
First man on the moon Neil Armstrong only discussed Apollo 11 for about 11 seconds. He gave a professorial lecture titled "
Goddard, governance and geophysics," looking at the inventions and discoveries that led to his historic "small step for a man" on July 20, 1969.
Armstrong said the space race was "the ultimate peaceful competition: USA versus USSR. It did allow both sides to
take the high road with the objectives of science and learning and exploration."
Apollo 11
command module pilot Michael Collins, 78, who circled the moon alone while Armstrong and Aldrin walked on it, said the moon was not interesting, but Mars is.
"Sometimes I think I flew to the wrong place. Mars was always my favorite as a kid and it still is today," Collins said. "I'd like to see Mars become the focus, just as John F. Kennedy focused on the moon."
The man who founded and directed Mission Control Houston, Christopher Kraft Jr., also
jumped on the go-somewhere-new, do-something-different bandwagon.
"What we need is new technology; we have not had that since Apollo," Kraft said as part of the lecture at the Smithsonian. "I say to Mr. Obama: Let's
get on with it. Let's invest in the future."
As the men of NASA of the 1960s talked about new technology and new goals, the current NASA is still looking back at the moon.
NASA is still marching toward a goal of returning to the moon of Armstrong and Aldrin and this time putting a base there. The current plan is based on building new rockets that the former NASA administrator called "
Apollo on steroids," with an alternative — a derivative of the space shuttle — floating through the space.
Although they didn't directly criticize NASA's current plans, Aldrin and Collins said the moon is
old hat. Collins said he is afraid that NASA's exploration plans would be bogged down by a return visit to the moon.
Aldrin presented an elaborate slide detailing how to make a quick visit to the moon a stepping stone to visits to the Martian moon Phobos, Mars itself, and even some
asteroids like Apophis that may someday hit Earth. Aldrin said he and Armstrong landed on the moon 66 years after the Wright brothers first flew an airplane. What he would like would be for humanity to land on Mars 66 years after his flight. That would be 2035.
And even though Armstrong didn't talk about the future in his 19-minute
discourse, Aldrin dragged his commander onto the Mars bandwagon anyway. "It was a great personal honor to walk on the moon, but as Neil once observed, there are still places to go beyond belief," he said. "Isn't it time to continue our journey outward, past the moon?"

※ Word check

* fresh from: 막 나온 ( = having just come from a particular place or experience)
Ex) The team is fresh from their victory over the French.
* get bogged down on: 에 빠져 꼼짝 못하게 되다
* soggy: 흠뻑 젖은( = unpleasantly soaked or wet)
* intimate: 개인적인, 사적인  ( = relating to very private or personal matters)
Ex) the publication of intimate details of their affair ( 그들 사이의 아주 은밀한 관계를 공표함)
* It feel good/strange/exciting to be/do sth: ~하는데 기분이 ~하다 (=that is the emotion or feeling that it gives you)
Ex) It felt wonderful to be wearing clean clothes again. (깨끗한 옷을 다시 입으니 기분이 너무 좋았다.)
* get/make one’s pitch for sth: ~을 설득시켜 ~하게 하다  ( = try to persuade people to do sth)    
Ex) He made his strongest pitch yet for standardized testing in schools.(그는 학교에서 표준화된 실험을 위해 사람들을 최대한 설득했다.)
* follow/tread/walk in sb's footsteps:  ~의 뒤를 따르다, ~의 뜻을 이어받다 ( = do the same job or work in the same way as sb else before you)
Ex) He is a doctor and expects his son to follow in his footsteps. (그는 의사로 아들이 뒤를 잇기를 기대하고 있다.)
* go on a trip/tour/cruise etc: 여행/관광/항해유람길에 오르다 
Ex) My parents are going on a cruise. (부모님께서는 유람관광을 떠나시려고 합니다.)
* Goddard: Robert Hutchings Goddard (1882-1945), 미국의 물리학자; 로켓공학의 선구자
* take the high road: 신념을 가지고 하다( = do what you believe is right according to your beliefs)
Ex) Daley has taken the high road in his campaign. (달리는 자신의 선거 운동에서 신념을 가지고 했다.)
* command module: (우주 탐색선의) 사령선, 모선(母船)
* jump/climb/get on the bandwagon: ~에 편승하다 (=start doing or saying sth that a lot of people are already doing or saying)
Ex) I don't want to look as if I'm jumping on a green bandwagon.
* Get on with it: 빨리빨리! 서둘러!
* Apollo on steroids: 스테로이드(근육강화제)를 투입한 모양의 아폴로
* sth on steroids: 부풀린 것 ( used to say that sth is much bigger, stronger, more impressive etc than sth else that is similar to it - used humorously)
Ex) They sell cinnamon rolls on steroids.
* old hat: 진부한 ( = not new or interesting)
Ex) Most of this is probably old hat to you, isn't it? (이것 대부분은 아마 너에게는 진부한 것일 것이다. 그렇지?)
* asteroid: 소행성 ( = one of the many small planets that move around the sun, especially between Mars and Jupiter)
* discourse: 강연 ( = a serious speech on a particular subject)

※ Comprehension Question

1. What did Armstrong said about the space race?

2. What is the current plan of NASA?

※ Discussion Question

1. What do you think of the opinion of trip to Mars?

2. Are you interested in trip to space? Where do you want to go? Explain why.