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Weekly Topics [09-08-15] The Poison We Don't Know Of

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▣  <This week's Expressions>      ☞     We had a ball.

◉ Choose the best answer for the blank.
① Justine is not dead yet!
② I had a close call.
③ I'll learn to swim hard.
④ I was bored to death.
⑤ Don't make up an excuse.

▣  <Couple conversation>

◉ Today pop topic - " how to stay sober"

What should you do in order not to drink So-ju any longer? which is your choice?

① throwing it away without anyone knowing.
② suddenly pretending to be in pain at the point of drinking
③ going to the toilet only when you drink
④ sitting next to those who can't drink it.
⑤ urging others to drink it continuously. Attack is the best defense.
⑥ There is no need for me to do so. I win a game all the time.
⑦ All these things that I've done. I have something special.

<Weekly expression>
We had a ball. // 우리는 즐겁게 시간을 보냈어.
The correct answer ⑤

<Dear Abby>

- Conflict ①

The mother of the bride fears big game will trump big day

DEAR ABBY: My daughter, "Laurie," is being married soon. Her fiancé, "Peter," is a likable young man. He is, however, a sports fanatic who stays glued to the television whenever a game is playing. Laurie is aware of his passion, and because she loves Peter, she doesn't have a problem with it. They have both now stated that if their team is in the playoffs or the World Series, they want TVs brought in for the guests at the wedding reception. I am opposed to the idea. This will be a formal wedding and reception at an expensive hotel, and we are paying for it. I think Peter and Laurie should regard the day they take their vows as a once-in-a-lifetime event and forgo the game. Guests who feel compelled to check the score may do so in the bar or in their rooms. At the risk of being rude, I don't want to encourage the sports zeal by bringing in television sets. Am I hopelessly out of touch and old-fashioned? Please help. This may escalate to a confrontation before the wedding. -- VOICE OF REASON

※ Word check
* trump: beat sth that sby says or does by saying or doing sth even better 망치다, 꺾다, 이기다* forgo: decide not to have or do sth that you would like to have or do 잊다, 삼가다, 그만두다* compel: force sby to do sth ~를 해야 한다는 느낌을 강하게 주다, ~를 강요하다* at the risk of: used to introduce sth that may sound stupid or may offend sby ~일 수도 있지만, ~의 위험을 무릅쓰고* out of touch: knowing no news of someone or something 촌스러운, 물정을 잘 모르는

☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR V.O.R.: You aren't out of touch or old-fashioned. You are simply not a sports fan. Although you have generously agreed to pay for the reception, I hope you will relent and provide a set to be placed to one side. Remember, it is Laurie and Peter's wedding, and their guests may feel as they do. Imagine your embarrassment if the bride and groom were also in the bar or in their room instead of enjoying their own reception. P.S. If your daughter is not a committed sports fan, I hope she's a good sport, because every anniversary will be celebrated at a stadium or in front of a TV.

※ Word check
* relent: become less determined, strong, etc. 너그러운 마음을 가지다* sport: one who accepts rules or difficult situations well 이해심이 많은 사람, 어려운 상황이나 규칙을 잘 받아들이는 사람


- Conflict ②

’Tired’ husband finds energy to leave his wife, daughter

DEAR ABBY: My husband, "Aaron," and I have been married five years. We hit a rough patch, and when I'd ask him what was wrong, he would always say he was "just tired." One day I returned from work and found a note saying he had left me. My husband has been gone more than a month now. We have a 3-year-old daughter. I have spoken to Aaron on the phone, and he tells me he's coming home, but he never shows. Our daughter is asking questions about her daddy that I don't know how to answer, so I just hug her and tell her he's not coming home right now. I can't understand what has happened. Aaron says he still loves me. How can he put me through this? I could never leave my child for this amount of time. I hold out hope that he will come back, but deep down I know I should move on. I love him, though, and so does our daughter. How do I give up on that? -- BROKEN AND LOST IN KENTUCKY 

※ Word check
* hit a rough patch: 힘든 시기를 겪다, 불행한 일에 부딪치다


☞Abby's advice☜

DEAR BROKEN AND LOST: Unless your husband is in jail or witness protection, the chances are that he is with someone else. It would be better for you and your daughter if he would be honest and admit what's going on, but it appears he doesn't have the courage.  Because you're not ready to give up, you should stand pat. Sooner or later you'll learn the score, and when you do, you'll have a better idea of how to handle the situation.


※ Word check
* stand pat: refuse to change your mind about a decision you have made or an opinion you have 현 상태를 유지하다, 고집을 꺾지 않다

* the score: the real facts about the present situation 엄연한 현실, 사실 


☈ PART 2

The Poison We Don’t Know of

I dare to say that reading this week’s article just may be the best use of your 10 minutes. Perhaps due to the contents in this article, major soft drink companies may never sponsor an ad on our publication. Then again, as a journalist I intend to bring out the truth. And the well-being of my readers is more important. So, here it goes. Just about everyone loves a cold glass of refreshing coke or cider. What people don’t know is that with every sip of that sizzling pop is one step closer to osteoporosis. I won’t state the brand names, but we all know the dominant players in the market. Call it brand loyalty or what not, but people simply are convinced the strong brand name is translated into, “It’s safe for my body.” Well, the misconception here is that all carbonated beverages carry a poison compound. Believe it or not, the typical formulas used to create that sizzle in the drinks can irritate the stomach. Of course you are unconscious of this effect since the irritation is minimal. Meanwhile, the stomach is naturally curing the irritation in the only way it knows how. The only antacid is calcium. The organ pulls the calcium from the blood, and in turn, the blood stream replenishes its supply from the bones. If the blood stream is low in calcium, muscular and brain function will be severely impaired. Think that’s scary? The picture gets worse. All soft drinks have a high concentration of sugar. Dissolved sugar in liquid is quickly carried to the bloodstream. When the body detects overload of sugar, it forces the pancreas to go into overdrive. The sad thing is that the pancreas has no way of detecting if the sugar inrush is a single dose or a sustained dose. It moves to pump out as much insulin as it can. The heroic effort of your pancreas has a hefty downside. The jolt of insulin in your body will suppress the level of testosterone in the bloodstream. In both men and women, the hormone controls the depositing of calcium in the bones. When you add this negativity to what I discussed above, it would be fair to argue that drinking carbonated drinks is a suicidal behavior. This is one of many reasons why bone damage formerly apparent only in elders is now showing up in the younger generation. New studies are also showing a strong correlation between drinking carbonated beverages and esophageal cancer. What happens when you guzzle down a can of pop? You will have to excuse yourself due to that burp. Although there are no extensive details to prove it, physicians believe this burp creates acid. And this acid moves into the esophagus, causing lesions. Soon after, the lesions develop into cancer. There’s no doubt the soft drink giants have conducted their own flawed studies to bring out flawless results they want. Then again, who wouldn’t when they are generating billions of dollars every year? The article doesn’t intend to launch an attack on the big guys. It is only trying to reveal the deadly truth surrounding carbonated drinks. The choice is ultimately yours.


※ Word check

* intend to : ~할 작정이다
* refreshing : 상쾌한
* sip : 한 모금
* sizzling : 지글지글 소리내는
* osteoporosis : 골다공증
* carbonated : 탄산가스로 포화시킨
* compound : 혼합물, 화합물
* irritate : 자극하다
* meanwhile : 그사이에
* antacid : 산을 중화하는
* in turn : 결국
* replenish : 보충하다
* dissolved : 용해된
* pancreas : 췌장
* go into overdrive : 과열상태가 되다
* inrush : 쇄도, 돌입
* sustained : 일관된
 * heroic : 큰, 많은
 * hefty : 강한
 * jolt : 급격한 요동, 한 모금
 * suppress : 억압하다
 * testosterone : 테스토스테론(남성 호르몬의 일종)
 * suicidal : 자살적인
 * correlation : 상호관련
 * esophageal cancer : 식도암
 * guzzle : 꿀꺽꿀꺽 마시다
 * burp : 트림
 * lesion : 장애, 손상
 * big guy : 대기업
 * ultimately : 결국


※ Comprehension Question

1. A person with every sip of sizzling pop is velnerable to __________.

2. Why the overload of suger in body is dangerous?

3. According to new studies, is there any relationship between drinking carbonated      beverages and esophageal cancer?


※ Discussion Question

1. If you like soft drink, what makes you like it? If you don't like it, what is your       favorite drink?

2. People, especially children, likes to drink soft drink. Also, in hot days, sale of        soft drink is increased. What can be an alternation of soft drink?