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Term Paper THE 170th TERM/ February 27th, 2016/ No.7

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TERM The 170th term 


Blooming Article

The role of aesthetics

27th February, 2016
Edited by Ms. Min-Young Lee

Design is one of the fastest-growing fields in the modern world. The huge role of appearances in our everyday lives may not seem obvious, but studies show that they greatly affect the way we view people and utilities.

Researchers Kurosu and Kashimura conducted an experiment in Japan to gauge the relationship between aesthetics and the apparent utility of an item. They found that the subjects believed that the more beautiful item of two was easier to use after trying both despite their uniform functionality. This study was repeated in Israel and produced similar results.

The effects of design can be linked to the success of companies. Designers have been integrated into the world of technology and business to cater to the public’s thirst for beauty. Apple’s tendency to manufacture products that incorporate both practicality and minimalistic design demonstrates the importance of appearance. Apple’s development process is extensive and largely design-oriented. A vast array of colors, shapes, and materials are experimented with before designers land on the perfect combination. This obsession with perfection clearly paid off, as the Apple design has become iconic, lusted after, and imitated. There is no doubt that the company’s focus on aesthetics was instrumental to its success.

Good designs tend to share certain characteristics. They are practical and able to serve all of their functions, but are still apparently creative and pleasing to look at. They are also able to adapt well to situations and different uses. Most important of all, they are understood and liked by a variety of personalities and people. In order to meet these criteria, effective planning and research are essential to producing good design.

One theory for people’s love for design is that beauty is able to positively impact emotions, which in turn affects people’s perceptions even if they are not related to appearances. Displeasing appearances tend to raise stress levels, making tasks seem harder and more tedious. By surrounding oneself with beauty, one can improve productivity, reduce frustration, and increase overall happiness.

Though design can be belittled for driving superficiality, it is actually vital to the encouragement of competition and innovation. Aesthetics and success are almost indivisible, and the evidence is in nearly all aspects of our lives.

Word check

● gauge [ɡeɪdʒ] : a fact or an event that can be used to estimate or judge something
● cater [keɪtə(r)] : to provide food and drinks for a social event
● belittle [bɪˈlɪtl] : to make somebody or the things that somebody does seem unimportant


1. Have you bought a stuff when you catch the fancy of design? if you have, please share your experiences.

2. Which is more important between price or design when you buy a stuff?


Admission fee of cultural properties

Introduction : Before it has been a key issue, one university professor referred entrance fee of cultural properties in korea on the korean TV program. He spoke that there is any case about free-admission to joining historic monument like korea throughout whole of countries. According to his insistence, Government must execute charging and price hiking on museum or cultural properties entrance fee to enhance status of korean historic culture. But some of the opinions for this issue said that the opportunity of viewing cultural assets can bee restricted to general citizens.

Pros vs. Cons

Pros : 1. It can exert a favorable influence on improve recognition and spector’s attitude.
2. Economical and social values of cultural properties can heighten.
3. Quality of cultural management can improve through increased admission fee.

Cons : 1. Maintenance cost of cultural properties are must defrayed government, not spectators.
2. High admission fee can lead to indifference of public.
3. Lower-middle-class families would be deprived opportunity of cultural life.

Word check

● execute [eksɪkju:t] : If you carry out a difficult action or movement, you successfully perform it.

● price hike [praɪs haɪk] : It is a sudden or large increase in prices, rates, taxes, or quantities.

● defray [dɪfreɪ] : you give them money which represents the amount that they have spent