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Who Column THE 162nd TERM / May 11th, 2013 / NO. 01

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TERM The 162nd term 





Hanyang Univ.

Junior (’09)

Mr. Jung-min Park




Dear, PTCians.


I still can’t forget how much I have been embarrassed when I found out that Yoon-sun chose me as the next heroine of the WHO COLUMN. It first came to me as an embarrassment but the next thing I felt was gratitude. For about a month, I was not able to attend the regular meeting due to my midterm exam. I thought there wouldn’t be much of a change in PTC within several weeks. However, to my surprise, now I can see more people that I do not know or have not even met before. So, I would like to thank her for giving me an opportunity to reveal myself from the dark and once again make me feel that I am part of this wonderful club.


As a matter of fact, starting from today, Mr. Dae-don Kim and Ms. Yoon-sun Kwon have started their long journey both as president and vice-president of PTC. I hope all the members follow the guidance of our new leaders and make PTC the best club in Korea. We must also never forget to thank Ms. Ja-kyung Kim and Mr. Yong-ho Lee for their devotion to the club.


Anyway, now it is time to introduce our next heroine! She has been very busy for the past few months and was quite hard for me to see her in PTC. She seems to be an outgoing person and tries hard to take care of the newbie in the club.

Here are the specifics:



1. She is working as an intern in Global Green Growth Institute.


2. She is a student in Seoul Women’s University.


3. She is one of the PIP staff members.


4. She is also one of the members of the literary committee.



I guess now we all know who she is! Let us shout her name together!

One, two, three, Ms. OOO!!! Congratulations!