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Who Column THE 162nd TERM / May 18th, 2013 / NO. 02

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TERM The 162nd term 





Seoul Women's Univ.

Junior (’11)

Ms. Ji-hyun Lim




Dear friends, PTC members.


It is a great honor to make my WHO COLUMN speech which was unexpected but still pleasant. Taking this opportunity, I would like to commence my short speech by offering a very big thank you Mr. Jung-min Park. The reason why I deliver thank you to Mr. Jung-min Park is he chose me as a heroin although I was not able to attend the regular meeting for a time. While he was reading an introduction of WHO COLUMN, I promised I would do my best to attend regular meeting more than ever before in order to remark me as a PTCian who are capable of participating in PTC to all the members; Mr. Jung-min Park. I also look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Again, I appreciate Mr. Jung-min Park for giving me an opportunity to deliver this speech.


Now days, I am proud of the fact that, in the PTC, I am able to improve my english skills by meeting various people and having diverse experience. I believe Mr. Dae-don Kim and Ms. Yoon-sun Kwon enrich our club with their experience and wisdom as new leaders of PTC. As a literary committee chief, I will support them with all of my best and effort to make better decisions and host the PTC summer camp successfully which is the biggest event in this summer term. For our plain sailing, I also ask all of the members of PTC for your active participation and support.


Now it is time to celebrate today`s hero! I was surprised he held a small concert in PTC with his beautiful voice and sweet melody. I’d like to sing a song with him, if there is a chance and he does not dislike singing with me.


Here is detail information about today’s hero:


1. He is a student in Kookmin University


2. He plays the guitar well and also teaches playing the guitar every Saturday.


3. He is one of the members of the social committee


I guess now we can find out who he is! Let’s call his name out with one accord!

One, two, three, Mr. OOO!! Congratulations!