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Who Column THE 162nd TERM / June 29th, 2013 / NO. 07

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TERM The 162nd term 




Sookmyung Women's Univ.

Freshman (’13)

Ms. Min-ji Jung



Hi PTCians!!

Wow! Finally my turn has arrived. I was always curious about when I will write WHO COLUMN since I entered the PTC. Therefore, I really thanks to Mr. Sung-hwa Jin for choosing me as last week's heroine. I have joined this club from the last week of March, so it has been almost 3 months I became a PTCian. As PTC is the first club I joined after becoming a university student, PTC takes really big part of my life now. Every week I learn many things from regular meeting and meet lots of good and humorous people. Also, I will never forget the spring MT. It was the best. I am really proud of being a PTCian and I am really satisfied with PTC.


Now, our lovely summer vacation has come. For me. it's the first time I have over 2 months vacation, so I'm really excited. Because I don't want to flow my precious vacation away, I made a wishlist I want to do during the summer vacation such as visiting my home, going train trip and etc. As I am writing this WHO COLUMN in Jeju, I am carrying out one of the wishlist. Like me, I hope all PTCians enjoy their summer and success in carrying out their own plan.


It's time to introduce today's hero. He is one of the literary committee member. and his position is higher than me. I hope he is here today. Here is more detailed information!!


1. He is Kookmin University student.

2. He studies economics.

3. He doesn't have membership even though it's been a long time he joined this club!

Can you guess who is today's hero? I am sure everyone knows who he is.

Let's call out his name! One! Two! Three!! Mr. OOO!! Congratulation!!