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Who Column THE 162nd TERM / July 20th, 2013 / NO. 10

2013.08.09 17:10 조회 수 : 1

TERM The 162nd term 



Graduate School, Korea University(’13)

Undergraduate School, UNIST(’09)

Mr. Yule Heo




Dear all PTC members,


It is such a great honor for me to stand here and speech out this WHO COLUMN. It was unanticipated but very delightful to have been a WHO. I really appreciate Ms. Ko Un since she is the one who chose me as a hero last week. Furthermore, it has passed almost a half year since I joined PTC. So it makes a profound impression to me that I am still here and participate so constantly. I appreciate this to all of you PTC members.


At this point, almost one month has passed since the summer vacation began. I think some of you guys have been achieving something that you planned before this vacation. The others may not because they might haven’t found one yet. I wish you guys find one and achieve anything that you want. The reason why I wish like that is, now I’m sure that I could make a differentiation after having passed every summer vacation that I faced. Anyway, everyone knows summer vacation is very good opportunity to have fun or to do something. And I know PTCians are the ones who exploit their opportunity which never comes back.


Summer camp begins soon. I’m still not sure if I can go there with you guys, but I really want to go and make remarkable memory. I see many of you people participate in and practice “drama” and “chorus” sincerely to do your own role. It looks wonderful and I think all you people are real heros and heroines of PTC. Cheer up all you people!


Now it is time to celebrate today’s heroine! I think she is the one who is very positive, energetic and dynamic. Here is a episode that flashes across my mind now. Few days ago I was surprised that she shouted her FM so loudly and passionately, even though I couldn’t understand even a word.


Here is detail information about today’s heroine:



1. She studies one of fields in engineering.

2. She is the one of the members of the Academy Committee.

3. She has unique last name like me.



I guess now we can find out who she is!

Let’s call out her name with one accord!

One, two, three, Ms. OOO!! Congratulations!