Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 162nd term 


Ajou University

Sophomore (’12)

Ms. Hyung-seon, Kim



Dear, all PTC members.


It is a great honor to make my WHO COLUMN speech which is very delightful. I want to thank Mr. Jun-haeng Lee for choosing me as a heroin last week. It has been a month since I entered this club. Therefore, people don’t know about me well and so do I. It is a good chance to introduce myself again and to remark as a member of this club. Everybody in PTC is kind and funny. I want to continue making a precious memory here.



At this point, summer vacation is almost finished. I wish you are achieving something that you planned before and I hope it makes good effect on you. In my case, I planned to improve my TOEIC score and I am waiting for the score that can prove my growth during summer vacation. Anyway, fall semester comes closer. I think you are planning something for the semester. All students seem to have a trouble with registering for courses. I feel like being crazy because of this. I hope that you will sign up for lectures you want to learn.


Now it is time to celebrate today`s hero! He participated in both chorus and drama in summer camp. I was surprised he is a newcomer like me, because he is already familiar to many members and active in everything, even thought he is not one of PTC staffs. Can you catch who he is?



Here is detail information about today’s hero:



He is a student of Kookmin University.

He plays student of master in drama for summer camp.

It is not that long for him to leave military.

Is it too difficult?

I guess now we can find out who he is! Let’s call out his name with one accord!

One, two, three, Mr. OOO!! Congratulations!