Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 162nd term 



Ajou univ.


Ms. Ye-ji Lee



Hi PTC members. I’m very glad to be selected as a heroine. At the last regular meeting, we were busy at election so we didn’t read WHO COLUMN. So, I’m very sad about that. However, I want to thank Mr. Seo-hyun Kim for choosing as WHO COLUMN’s heroine.

I think that most of the school already started in this week. Did all of the PTCians start this fall semester with joy? Didn’t you guys attend the class because of the correction period, did you? I’m very sad at my summer vacation finished and worried about my study, but I believe that I will get used to this new semester. So do PTCians!


As new semester started, new PTC term is going to start. I’m very looking forward to this fall term because of PTC Night and Fall MT. I think most of the PTCians feel like me. While doing this program, I believe all of the members will became intimate. I hope many members will participate in this fall term, though this term will be busy at school life.


Now I’m going to talk about today’s hero. He is participated in Drama in summer camp and he makes a strong impression through this Drama. Also, he is very sociable person so he can get along well with all of members. At the last regular meeting, he was selected as a vice-president. Are there too many hints? I think all of the members definitely guess correctly.


Detail information includes the following:


1. He is “freshman” in sogang university.

2. He is very kind and handsome? person.

3. He has permed hair.


I think most members can find out who he is!

Let’s call out his name with one accord!

One, two, three, Mr. OOO!! Congratulation.