Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Ms. Kim, Hee-jung
Junior, Sookmyung women's Univ.

Correct the Konglish!
1. I'm very boring now.

2. I like to play bowling.

3. Do you have a free time?

4. I absent tomorrow.

5. I know many English grammars, but I have small vocabulary.

6. His height is very short.

7. Do you know my mind?

8. All PTCia`ns study hardly.

9. I like listening the music.

10. He said me he wasn't feeling well.

Idioms and Slang

A: I don't mean to brag, but I'm the bargain hunter of all time.

B: Oh no, not again. What did you get this time?

A: Well, first I picked Prada bag for 50,000 won. It had a flaw, so I took it to the manager and he gave me 50%off. It's only a little scratch. You can hardly notice it.

B: Hmm. Not bad. What else did you get?

A: Well, I was walking down the street and saw this guy selling Diesel jeans for 70,000. But I haggled with him and he gave them to me for 50,000 won.

B: 50,000 won? For Diesel jeans? Give me a break. They must be phonies.

A: No way, they're the real thing. See, look at the label. "Diesel."

B: Hey, anyone can sew a label on a pair of pants and call them Diesel. Here, let me take a look...
I knew it. Look at the zipper. It's totally different from the zipper on a real pair of Diesel.

A: Yeah, but...

B: Yeah, but what? Hey. Face the facts. You got ripped off.

A: God, I can't believe it. How could I be so stupid?

B: Well,, don't beat yourself up over it. Just remember the next time you're walking down the street and somebody's selling something for 50% off, "buyer beware."

A: You don't even know the worst of it - I bought three pairs.

B: Three pairs! Oh, man he really took you for a ride.

A: Hey, let's go back and see if he's still there. Maybe I can get my money back.

B: Do you think he' still there? He's probably long gone by now.

A: Oh, come on. It's worth a shot.

Korean customs

bowing to dead ancestors on memorial day

bowing to ceremony at grave site

male dominance over female

having family reunions / family gatherings

extended family in one house