Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Mr. Kim, Bo-hyun
Freshman, Univesity of Seoul.

part 1 . listen and fill in this script.

- Discovery Crew May Have to Repair the Shuttle

The fate of seven ______ ____ __________ is now a cause of growing concern. The U.S. space agency NASA says images from the shuttle Discovery show that _ _____ _____ of __________ foam fell off the shuttle’s ________ ____ during its launch and it has grounded the shuttle fleet. Discovery went aloft loaded with devices to detect such problems after the __________ failure of the shuttle Columbia in February 2003. Seven astronauts died when the _____ _____________ on ________ . NASA will now have to determine if Discovery is able to return to earth safely.

- Wonder From Seoul, Park Ji-sung

He’s a South Korean ___________ who’s made a move to Manchester United. Park Ji-sung, a 2002 World Cup star ____ ___ Man U. _____ at the Old Trafford Stadium this week. And as Sohn Ji-ae now reports, Park is already becoming a huge source of national pride.

Reporter : For most South Koreans, Park Ji-sung is a _________ ____. His hometown of Suwon _____ _ ______ _____ the 24-year-old soccer star. In the Suwon World Cup Stadium there is an official Park Ji-sung ____, proudly displaying his soccer uniforms since elementary school. Soon it will hold his latest uniform for Manchester United. Park ______ ___ comparisons to a former United superstar.

“Maybe if I was as handsome as Beckham I could be as famous as he is. But I have not yet even dreamed of being __ ___ _____.”

But his _______ fans don’t agree.

“I shook his hand… I shook his hand!” says this fan."

"I’m so sure he will do his best and make us all proud."

“He’s really wonderful.” says this teenager.

Park holds a special place in South Korea’s heart.

This shy country boy first ______ __________ ___ when he fired the winning goal in the ______ __ ________ in the 2002 World Cup, ________ South Korea to move on to the ___________.

( the rest omitted ... )

part 2 . Fill in the blanks.

․ The purpose of _______ is to ________ .

․ Without _______ , I(or someone) would(cannot, etc) ____________ .

․ On _________ing ____ , _____________________ . (on doing = as soon as -)

․ In spite of ___________ , I will ________________________ .

․ It is very ______ for me(or someone) to ________________________________ .

◎ Words for main session

kinship, association, involvement, affinity, bond, friendship, companion, get in touch with, social skills, build up trust, lifelong friend, a sense of belonging, social gathering, fit in society, lasting relationships, bring people closer, interpersonal communication, personal contact, make a good impression, face-to-face conversation