Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Ms. Kim, Hee-jung
Junior, Sook-myung Women's Univ.


A: Did you watch "Cinderella" last night?
B: Of course, you know I never miss a show.
A: That woman has got to be the biggest backstabber in the world.
B: Tell me about it. One minute she's telling her sister how much she loves her, and the next minute she's trying to scam on her boyfriend.
A: Well, the guy isn't exactly innocent either. He's definitely playing the field.
B: Yeah, but I can't believe he doesn't know that she's just using him.
A: I know, it's so sad. he's such a babe, too.
B: Well, I'm sure that sooner or later her true colors will come out.
A: Yeah, but not before she breaks her sister's heart.
B: She'll be all right. Remember what happened a few months ago?
A: I can't remember. What did she do?
B: She got even with her sister by going out with her boyfriend.
A: Oh yeah, was that the lawyer or the businessman?
B: No, it was the lifeguard.
A: God, you really are a fanatic about soap operas.
B: Well, believe me. These soap operas are definitely more exciting than my boring love life.
A: They better be. I'd never watch a show as boring as your love life.
B: Gee, thanks a lot. With friends like you who needs enemies?


seek professional help

pain in the neck

sure formula

get withdrawal symptoms

particular about

kick the habit

make a big fuss over

take an over dose

1. Filing your taxes can be ____________________ to deal with, but the consequences are severe for those who don't.

2. She died after accidentally _________________________ of sleeping pills.

3. My mother ____________________________ me when I am sick.

4. A lot of people want to give up smoking, but it's difficult to _____________________________.

5. When he wasn't able to get hold of any drugs for a few days, he started to _____________________________.

6. Many young professionals mistakenly believe that achieving career foals and earning a high salary is a ____________________ for happiness.

7. When he realized he was addicted to alcohol, he decided to _____________________________.

8. A balanced diet can be a difficult task for those ____________________ what they eat.

Should we change...?

do things as cheaply as possible

bribe money

favoritism towards boys

Korean time

women must follow three men