Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Ms. Kim, Hee-jung
Junior, Sook-myung Women's Univ.

1. Aptitude tests attempt to measure a person's capability for _______ an area of knowledge.

a. master
b. mastering
c. the master
d. mastered

2. The invention of matches in Sweden in 1844 made _______ for many people to make fire.

a. easier
b. it easier
c. easily
d. easier it

3. _______ motor car had been manufactured for sale in 1895, but the founding of the Ford Motor Company in 1903 revolutionized the industry.

a. First
b. The first
c. Firstly
d. At first

4. Frank Lloyd Wright, _______ American architect in the late 1800s, emphasized the use of wood and of other materials as they appear in nature.

a. was an
b. who an
c. an
d. which he was an

5. _______ useful in making a jelly like salad or dessert, but it also beneficial to the consumer because of its high protein.

a. Not the only gelatin is
b. The gelatin is not only
c. Not only is gelatin
d. Only gelatin is not

6. The differing a) climatic of regions have b) effectively limited the types of rainfall c) that a certain species of tree can d) withstand.

7. Impressionism a) developed in the b) latter half of the c) nineteenth century in d) react to the strident intensities of romanticism.

8. Franklin Roosevelt a) has been b) only man to c) be elected the president four d) times.

9. a) Behavior intelligent remained b) impossible until the c) appearance of d) relatively bid, complex types of brain.

10. a) The blood circulates in the body b) through a c) system of tubes called
d) a blood vessels.

A: This is a nice joint and the prices are reasonable too.
B: Yes, they also have a variety of Oriental dishes.
A: Excellent. I will have Chinese Dimsum. It's my favorite dish.
A: What are the chances of getting a raise this year?
B: Chances are slim!
A: Wow! You haven't gotten a raise for how many years now?
B: (Heave a sigh). It's been three years! The company keeps losing money and they can't afford to give anyone a raise.
A: That's too bad. Did you ever think of working somewhere else?
B: Yeah. In fact, I have an interview next Monday.
A: Good luck!

A: Wow, you look like a drowned rat! Didn't you know there's a thunderstorm today?
B: I knew there would be a shower, but I didn't realize it would rain cats and dogs today.
A: Well, you'd better take a hot shower right now, or you'll catch a cold.
B: I know. I don't want to get sick, especially during finals week.

A: I heard you're moving to New York.
B: Yes. I've got an offer in upstate New York.
A: Oh, that's great! But I'm going to miss you.
B: Me, too. Let's keep in touch.
A: Yeah. Don't forget to drop me a line when you settle down.
B: Trust me. I won't. I'll keep you posted.
A: You have my address?
B: Well, I have your e-mail address.
A: All right! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Good luck!

A: I heard you're going to take the written test to get your driver's license?
B: Yeah.
A: You've been driving for years. There shouldn't be any problems.
B: But I still need to brush up on traffic rules a little bit.
A: You'll be fine. Just use your common sense.
B: Yeah, but sometimes I sense things wrong

1. immune system
AIDS is a disease that attacks and breaks down the immune system.

2. life expectancy
Insurance companies use life expectancy calculators when providing coverage for their policy.

3. come down with
The field trip was canceled because our teacher came down with a case of the flu.
4. terminal disease
Advocates of euthanasia argue that it should be an option for people suffering from a terminal disease.

5. folk remedies
It is only recently that people have begun to see the usefulness of folk remedies.