Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Lee Jun-ha
Sophomore, Sook myung women's univ

1. call of nature
ex) If you have to go to bathroom then go, don't fight the call of nature.

2. burn up the road
ex) Korean drivers burn up the road.

3. cost it a bomb
ex)Edna's husband is buying her a new diamond ring. It's costing him a bomb but he's glad to make Edna happy.

4. better half
ex) His better-half delivered their baby two days ago.

5. bottom of
ex) Laziness is the bottom of all failures.

6. out like a light
ex) After working twelve hours shift yesterday, I was out like a light as soon as I got into bed.

7. gullible
ex) Don't be too gullible; know the fact first.

8. cat nap
ex) I had a cat nap during the afternoon so I would feel refreshed in the evening.

9. bark up the wrong tree
ex) He is barking up the wrong tree. he accused me of causing the computer problem but I was away at that time.

10. be hard up
ex) If you're hard up today, I'll pay for your lunch.