Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Conversation Drill
Mr. Jung, Jin Ho
Senior, Korea Univ

Part. I Catch the word.

1. The Hamburger
The hamburger has no connection to ham. It got its name from the German town of Hamburg, _______ ____ ________ ____ ____ _______ _______. German immigrants to the United States introduced the "hamburger steak."
At the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, hamburger steaks were served on buns for the first time. ____________ ___ ______ ______ _________ _____ ______ ______. This became the usual way of eating hamburgers.
How did the hamburger become the most popular, most typical American food? _____ ___________ ___ ____ ____ ___ ___ __________ ______ ___ ____ _________. Another important part is McDonald's, the fast-food restaurant.

2. Korean style dining
One custom _____ ____ ______ _________ _________ is the way Koreans serve their meals. While Westerners may be accustomed to eating by courses, Koreans tend to ______ ____ ________ ______ at once with various side dishes to choose from. ____ _____ ____ _________ ___ _________ ___ ____ since there is usually too much for everyone to finish anyway. It does provide a perfect opportunity to sample new foods however. Dishes are usually communal so guests can select, __ _______ ___ ___ ______, from several different dishes as they like. As smaller dishes are emptied refills quickly appear. _________ _________ ______ ____________, it󰡑s fun and more convenient for Korean style dining.

Part. II Fill them up.

1. Four old apartment buildings on 4th Street are to be ________ to make room for a shopping mall.
(A) picked up
(B) tucked in
(C) blocked out
(D) knocked down

2. This Thursday, singer Mark Marcell _______ at the Langford Theater on Grove Street.
(A) perform
(B) to perform
(C) will perform
(D) will be performed

3. "Today" magazine is unusual in that it _____ only one topic per quarterly issue.
(A) tells
(B) reads
(C) sells
(D) covers

4. Today's high temperature of 70 degrees ______ a record for this date.
(A) set
(B) were
(C) played
(D) cooled

5. At a recent Board of Education meeting, two dozen parents spoke in ______ of the superintendent.
(A) help
(B) relief
(C) support
(D) agreement

Part. III Guess who?