Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Mr. Son, Chang-won
Senior, Hanyang Univ.

☉ New year's resolution
(Write your new year's resolution and speak in public)

☉ Terminology
☄ stand out (from the crowd)
☄ the status quo/ the norm
☄ weird/ a weirdo/ a social outcast/ black sheep
☄ a rebel/ an individualist
☄ to toe the line/ to fit in/ to conform
☄ to rock the boat/ to cause a stir
☄ to pummel
☄ to resort to violence
☄ to lose one's temper
☄ to cool down/ to cool off
☄ prodigy
☄ retarded
☄ absentminded/ a scatterbrain/ an airhead
☄ motor skills
☄ life in the fast lane
☄ to become out-of-date/ obsolete
☄ laidback