Weekly Magazine THE STAR

◎Conversation drill◎

Kim Young-Ju
Sophomore, Seoul Women’s Univ.

▷Part 1-Listening

1. Listen to the tape, and follow answer

(1) Memory is generally divided into how many types?
a. It’s not divided. There’s basically only one type.
b. Three types.
c. More types than we can count.

(2) What does sensory memory do?
a. It recalls what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.
b. It holds information gained only from the sense of touch.
c. It keeps memories we had as babies.


(3) ‘Memory’ can be classified by time or duration of use. ( )

(4) Sensory memory lasts approximately five seconds. ( )

2. Answer the questions.
(1) How many memories we can divide? And what is it?

(2) Where is the visual information held during that part of a second?
(Tell specifically)

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