Weekly Magazine THE STAR

◎Conversation drill◎

Ms. Jeong Jae-Hyun
Sophomore, Seoul Women’s Univ.
Candlelight - Toni Braxton
______ __ ___ at night
And it never feels right
I ____ ___ ____ each night
Till the morning light
But just the ________ __ ___
Sends ______ __ ___ ____ my spine
Just knowing you\'ll be here ____ soon
Makes everything alright

It makes it special
Me and you __ _ ____ ________
Candlelight a special night
Seeing you is a ______ ________

_________ __ ___
Your arm baby,
Squeezing me _____ __ ____ ______
Shadows in the dark
Of you kissing ____ ____
And knowing __ ___ ______ __ ___
And still be
Still be ____
For each and ______ ______ _______
____ ____ ___ _____

And my love for you Will never fade away
I\'ll ____ a special spot For you baby always
Don\'t you know ___ _____ ___ _____ for you
A special place
Don\'t you know
Call on me
When you want me
When you want me
I\'m here for you

#2. Conversation
1) I\'m at my wit\'s end
A: I\'m at my wit\'s end. Where could it be?
B: What\'s the matter?
A: I can\'t find my glasses.
B: Weren\'t you just wearing them?
A: Yes, but I don\'t know where I put them down.
B: Wait a minute! What\'s on your head?
A: Oh, yes! Here they are!

Ex. I\'m at my wit\'s end with this problem.

2) I live a stone\'s throw from here.
A: Excuse me, have we met before?
B: No, but I live a stone\'s throw from here.
A: Is that right? Where do you live?
B: In building 73.
A: What a coincidence! I live in building 73.

3) Making a mountain out of a molehill.
A: I don\'t understand why you\'re so upset with me. I said I was sorry.
B: Saying you\'re sorry isn\'t enough. You broke our appointment yesterday.
A: Yes, I know, but you only waited thirty minutes for me.
B: That doesn\'t matter. We had an appointment and you didn\'t come.
A: Okay. You\'re right, but no one\'s perfect. Let\'s forget it.
B: I can\'t forget it. I\'m really angry.
A: Fine. You can be angry if you want to, but I think you\'re making a mountain out of a molehill

4) flaw
Jane : I broke up with Jim - he had too many flaws.
Amy : Did you return the engagement ring he gave you?
Jane : No. It was flawless.

#3. Being a counselor.
Here is the DEAR ABBY column by Abigail Van Buren.
Listen and answer as supposing as you ABBY.