Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Mr. Shim kyung-Min
Sophomore, Chung-Ang Univ.

[PART 1]
Welcome to Arirang News.
This is the late edition for Wednesday, October 30th.
I\'m Ahn Chak Hee.
And I\'m Kim Kiho.
Thanks for joining us.

President Kim Dae-jung is back in the capital after a six-day trip outside the country which included the 10th 1.____ _______ __________ ____________ _______ .
2. ___ _____ ________ while stressing the need to resolve North Korea\'s nuclear program in a peaceful manner 3. _____ ___ ___________ ______ once again to take action on the issue.
Park Soojin reports.

4.______ ____ _________ at Seoul Airport on Wednesday evening President Kim Dae-jung briefed the nation on the outcome of the 1.____ _______ __________ _______ _______ in Los Cabos, Mexico this past weekend.
2. ___ _____ ________ said an international consensus was reached among APEC leaders 5.___ _________ ________ __________ North Korea\'s nuclear weapons program urging Pyeongyang once again to take prompt and 6._________ _______ ____ ____ _________ verifiable action on the matter.

\" President Kim’s address\"

President Kim also emphasized Chinese President Jiang Zemin\'s full support for a peaceful resolution as well as President George W. Bush\'s confirmation that 7.___ _______ ________ _____ ____ ________ ________ ________.
He reiterated Seoul, Washington, and Tokyo\'s trilateral agreement to pursue 8.__ _________ _________ ________ ____ ____________ __________ adding that the current situation was an opportunity to bring an end to the Cold War and to establish stability on the Korean peninsula.
Park Soojin, Arirang TV.
[PART 2]
***Select correct answer ***
A: Can I help you with anything before you leave?
B: Sure. Can you find me an airport taxi that won\'t rip me off?
A: No problem. But is that all I can do?
B: _______________________
(a) Enough is enough.
(b) Please, leave me alone.
(c) That\'s all. Thank you.

A: Do you mind if I don\'t invite Ri-su to our party this weekend?
B: I don\'t mind. I don\'t like her anyway. But I thought you liked her.
A: No, I don\'t. She always wants to be the center of attention and I\'m sick of it.
B: ______________________.

(a) I know what you\'re talking about.
(b) I don\'t mind at all.
(c) I can\'t believe my eyes.
(d) I\'ll see you with her soon.

A: Hey, what\'s the matter? You look so upset.
B: I\'m at my wit\'s __________ with this computer! I can\'t figure out how to install this software my friend gave me.
(a) edge
(b) corner
(c) side
(d) end

A: Why were you and Susan shouting at each other?
B: Well, I didn\'t want to have _____________ with her, but when she insulted me again, I lost my cool.

(a) odds
(b) dinner
(c) words
(d) feelings

A: My boyfriend is the nicest and most caring guy I\'ve ever met. The only problem is that he doesn\'t know how to dress properly.
B: What do you mean?
A: Well, he\'s from Ku-ri so he doesn\'t know how to dress in Seoul.
Whatever he wears, he looks like a fish out of water.
B: ______________________.

(a) Have you driven my car lately?
(b) Have you been in the city lately?
(c) Have you tried to help him?
(d) Have you tried this dish lately?

A: I don\'t know what to do. My wife has been offered several excellent jobs in Seoul.
But I need at least three more years to finish my study here in New York.
I don\'t want her to pass ________ a good career opportunity, though.
B: Have you considered transferring to another school in Seoul? It\'s a great city, you know.

(a) through (b) by (c) for (d) up

A: I have a crush on a girl in my English class.
B: Have you asked her out?
A: Yes, I have several times already. But whenever I ask her out, she says she is busy.
B: ______________________.

(a) Maybe she is trying to spare your feelings.
(b) Maybe there\'s something that bothers me a lot.
(c) I believe she is a lot more annoying.
(d) I\'d consider she was saying yes to you.

The girl had her heart _______ on going to the concert with her friends but a family emergency dashed her plans.

(a) set
(b) picked
(c) put
(d) let