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Review THE 138th TERM/ August 13. 2005/ NO.14/REVIEW

2005.08.14 13:01 조회 수 : 15

Last regular meeting was the 2289th one.

The president of 138th term, Mr. Lee, Ho-jung announced the opening and we started 2289th regular meeting.

Ms. Kang, Jin-young wrote an article. Her article title is 'Responsibility for creating something new'. It was beneficial, and it was also interesting. Thank you ~♡

Mr. Lee, Jun-ha was a presider of warming-up. It was a membership course and she prepared two games. It was interesting and exciting. So all members participated eagerly. Thanks!

Ms. Jun, Sung-eun was a presider of conversation drill. She prepared 3 parts. It was interesting and beneficial to us~ >_
After intermission, we started the main session.
The topic was ‘Younsama'. Topic was easy to discuss~ ^--------^

Last hero was Mr. Sung, Min-young. He chose as a heroine Ms. Kim, Dong-hyun Congratulations!!!!

At last, Vice-president, Ms. Ryu, Seung-min declared the end of 2289th regular meeting.