Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Last regular meeting was the 2292th one.

The president of 137th term, Mr. Lee, Ho-jung announced the opening and we started 2292th regular meeting.

Ms. Shin, Hye-Jin wrote an article. She wrote about 'Time to recognize birth crisis'. It was beneficial to us. You did a good job, and thanks ^- ^

Mr. Kim, Bo-hyun was a presider of warming-up. He prepared two games, these were so interesting games. Thank you^^*

Mr. Jung, Jin-ho was a presider of Conversation Drill. We learnt It was interesting and beneficial to us.

After intermission, we started election. Ms.Jhang, Yoon-jung and Ms.Kim, Hee-jung were elected as a president and a vice-president of the 139th term of Seoul pine tree club. congratulations~~*^^*

Last hero was Ms. Lee, Jun-ha. She chose "Mr. Jung, Young-hun" as a hero. Congratulations!!! ^○^

At last, Our vice-president, Ms. Ryu, Seung-min declared the end of 2292th regular meeting.