Weekly Magazine THE STAR

Last regular meeting was the 2293rd one.

The president of 138th term, Mr. Lee Ho-jung announced the opening and we started 2293rd regular meeting.

Ms. Kim Dong-hyun wrote article and it was about 'Dream'. Your seven rules were very helpful. Thank you. You did a good job!!

Mr. Choi Kyung-bok was a presider of warming up. He prepared a game and it was fresh and interesting. Every members were eager to enjoy the game. Thank you.

Ms. Jun Sung-eun has a membership speech and it was about 'cloning development'. It was familiar topic to us. Thank you.

Mr. Son Chang-won was the presider of Conversation Drill. We learned about a lot of useful expressions. Thank you.

After Conversation Drill we had introduction time. We had five new comers last week. Welcome to PTC.

Mr. Lee Ho-jung and Ms. Ryu Seung-min had farewell address. Both of you did a good job last summer term. We'll never forget your devotion. Thank you so much.

Ms. Jhang Yoon-jung and Ms. Kim Hee-jung had inauguration address. Congratulation and let's make fantastic fall term together. Congratulation again.

After intermission we started main session and it was about 'Physical punishment'. It was active and interesting time. We can think about our future education for children.

Last hero was Mr. Jung Yung-hun. He chose 'Ms. Cho Na-yoon' as a heroin. Congratulation.

At last, our NEW vice-president, Ms. Kim Hee-jung declared the end of 2293th regular meeting.