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Review THE 139th TERM/ September 24. 2005/ NO.2/REVIEW

2005.09.25 00:44 조회 수 : 10

The last regular meeting was replaced the Fall M.T.
It was held at Il-young from 9/10 to 9/11 and it was very interesting time.
The first corner was outdoor game and presider was Mr. Lee Ho-jung. He prepared various games and those games were fresh and interesting.
Next corner was indoor game and Ms. Shin Hye-jin presided all the games. We had three teams- DOOLY, SUNGE, SNOOPY. It was exciting and active time.
Then we had barbecue party in the garden. Everybody talked a lot and greeted new comers again.
After all programs we had candle ceremony time. All members reviewed about first day.
The last day in the morning, we wrote rolling paper.
During fall M.T. the weather was very good. Every events were interesting and it was good memory to all of us.