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Review THE 139th TERM/ October 1. 2005/ NO.3/REVIEW

2005.10.01 23:58 조회 수 : 30

Last regular meeting was model meeting.
There were a lot of members include new comers. It feels like whole pine hall filled with enthusiasm.

The president of 139th term Ms. Jang Yoon-jung announced the opening and we started model meeting.

Mr. Ham Jung-sik wrote article about proper drinking. To make sound drinking culture we need some regulations. Thank you.
Mr. Jung Young-hoon was warming up presider. He prepared two games. First one was memory game and next one was kind of quiz game. It was interest time. Thank you.

Before we start Conversation Drill, we had introduction time. There were 5 new comers. Wow~ welcome!! ^-^

Mr. Song Kyu-yeol was Conversation Drill presider. He prepared lots of kinds sections. It was fresh and worth it. Thank you.

After intermission we started main session and it was about measuring intelligence. we can think about how much IQ effects us to perform our life and many other things. It was beneficial time.

Last hero was Mr. Yoo Hyun-soo. He chose Ms. Lee Jun-ha.

At last, our vice president, Ms. Kim Hee-jung declared the end of regular meeting.

Thank you all senior members who showed us what Regular Meetind is. Thank you again.^-^