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Review THE 139th TERM/ October 22. 2005/ NO.6/REVIEW

2005.10.22 20:00 조회 수 : 8

Last regular meeting was the 2298th one.

The president of 139th term Ms. Jang Yoon-jung announced the opening and we started regular meeting.

Ms. Lee Jun-ha wrote article about 'Motiquette'. We could think about mobile etiquette. Thank you.

Ms. Jang Yoon-jung was warming up presider. It was fresh and interesting. Thank you~~^^

Ms. Kim Hee-jung was Conversation Drill presider. We learned how to correct wrong expression. It was beneficial time. Thank you so much~^^

We had a new comer last week so we had introduction time~ welcome to PTC~^^

After break time we started main session. It was about 'Chu-sok'. We talked about Chu-sok and many other things. It was meaningful time.

Last heroin was Ms. Ryu Seung-min. She chose Mr. Choi Kyung-bok. Her tips were very impressive. Congratulation handsome guy Mr. Choi Kyung-bok~^^

At last, our vice president Ms. Kim hee-jung informed the end of the 2298th regular meeting.

Thank you~~^^