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Review THE 139th TERM/December 3. 2005/ NO.12/REVIEW

2005.12.04 00:27 조회 수 : 10

Hi members~
Last Saturday was the 47th PTC Night.

Part1 presiders were Ms. Lee Kun-young and Ms. Jun Sung-eun. Presiders announced opening and we started the anniversary.
At first, our president Ms. Jang Yoon-jung and vice-president Ms. Kim Hee-jung had welcoming address.
Next, National president announced congratulatory address.
and secretary general Ms. Lee Jun-ha announced 'history of PTC'.
After that we had lecture time. Lecture presider was Mr. Jung In-su.

After part 1. we had intermission. During intermission, we could talk with each members and it was very precious time.

Part 2 presiders were Mr. Suk Sung-ho and Ms. Park Jung-hee. They announced part2 and we started performance.
First program was 'playing the piano' and player was Ms. Kim Bo-ra. It was very beautiful and fantastic concert.
Next performance was our lovely freshmen's Chorus. They sang 'small talk' with cute dance.
After chorus, Mr. Sung Min-yong and Ms. Kim Eun-young progressed 'history'. They prepared pictures and it was very interesting time.
Then, next highlight of PTC Night 'Korean mask dance'. It was enthusiastic and all passioned members were beautiful.
After Anniversary party we sang 'Club song' all together.

Last heroin was Ms. Shin Hye-jin and she chose Mr. Bae young-hwan as a hero. Congratulation Mr. Bae young-hwan~!!^^

All members were eager for this PTC Night and we never forget this precious 47th PTC Night. Thank you all of you. ♡♡♡