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Review THE 139th TERM/December 17. 2005/ NO.14/REVIEW

2005.12.18 02:11 조회 수 : 9

Hi members~ Now, your final exams are almost over. Then you just greeting your fantastic winter break. The more I think about it, the more exciting I get. I hope you have a nice plan and every things are going on as your expectation.

Last regular meeting was 2306th one.

The president of 139th term Ms. Jang Yoon-jung announced the opening and we started regular meeting.

Ms. Lee Kun-young wrote article about 'welfare of handicapped people'. Yes, we have to consider those people and make better place for them. It is a matter for consideration. Thank you~~^^

Ms. Kim Hee-jung was warming-up presider and she prepared some quiz. It was interesting~~^^ Also your present was very impressive~ Thank you~

Ms. Lee Jun-ha was Conversation Drill presider and she prepared some idioms~ It was useful things. Thank you~^^

After break time we started main session. It was about 'time'. We talked about 'how we spend time.' Everybody was enthusiastic about conversation and it was valuable time~~

Last hero was Mr. Lee Jae-rok and he chose Ms. Jhang Yoon-jung as a heroin~ Wow~! Congratulation Ms. Jhang Yoon-jung. ^^

Even though it was final exam period, there were many members last week that I expected. Thank you so much~^^ Have a nice weekend~~~!!