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Review THE 139th TERM/December 24. 2005/ NO.15/REVIEW

2005.12.29 15:23 조회 수 : 6

Last regular meeting was 2307th one.

The president of 139th term Ms. Jang Yoon-jung announced the opening and we started regular meeting.

Ms. Kim Jin-hee wrote membership article about 'making plan'. It's important to make plan before we going to do something. Thank you Ms. Kim Jin-hee~^^

Last warming up presider was Ms. Ryu Seung-min and she prepared a game and it was very interesting and fresh. Thank you so much~~ ^-^

Mr. Song Gyu-yeol was the presider of 'Speech' about 'dream'. Since his speech had his experiences, it was more interesting. Also it was helpful to think about our dream and plan to achieve it. It was beneficial time. Thank you^-^

Mr. Jung Jin-ho was the presider of Conversation Drill and he prepared some listening exercising and toeic quiz. It was useful. Thank you ^-^

Last week, we had a new comer. Welcome to PTC~~^^

After a few minutes, we started main session about 'equality'. The mood was so enthusiastic and everyone was so eager. There were so many opinions.

Last heroin was Ms. Jang Yoon-jung and she chose Mr. Suk Sung-ho as a hero. Thank you Mr. Suk Sung-ho~~^^

It's Christmas-eve today~~ I wish a white christmas. ^^
Have a beautiful christmas everyone~~!!