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Review THE 139th TERM/January 7, 2006/ NO.16/REVIEW

2006.01.09 13:45 조회 수 : 66

Good afternoon members~
This is my last weekly review.
Since last Saturday was the end of the 2005, we didn't have regular meeting.
Two weeks ago it was the 2308th regular meeting and it was election day also.
The president of 139th term Ms. Jang Yoon-jung announced the opening and we started regular meeting.

Mr. Lee Jae-hyuk wrote membership article about 'soccer and rugby'. Thank you.

Mr. Choi Kyung-bok was the presider of warming-up and he prepared 'hang man' games. Thank you.

Mr. Jung Hyun-woo made speech about 'military force between Korea and America' It was impressive. Thank you.

Next conversation drill presider was Ms. Shin Hye-jin and she prepared some TOEIC exercising and carol song. It was really nice time. Thank you^-^

After a few minutes we started election.

Election was presided over by Ms. Kim Hee-jung.
Mr. Son Chang-won's supporter was Mr. Song Kyu-yeol. Ms. Lee Jun-ha's supporter was Mr. Jung Young-hoon. Mr. Son Chang-won was elected as a president and Ms. Lee Jun-ha was elected as a vice-president. Congratulation.^-^

At last, our vice president Ms. Kim hee-jung declared the end of the 2308th regular meeting.

As I wrote weekly review it was very worthy time for me to remember and reminisce last regular meeting. It was unforgettable 2005. I hope all of you can achieve what you want.