Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 171th term 

Mr. Min-sik Kim


Sejong Univ


Hi PTCians!! Thanks to Yong-bi Choi for choosing me as this week's heroine. I think this summer is too hot to go outside. It's literally crazy!!! A good way to avoid the heat is watching Olympics. Korea had great score in this Rio Olympics. I especially support women volleyball team to get golden medals.


Also, new semester is coming up. It means it is a season to applicate for classes. So I hope all PTCians get a good grade in application for classes.


Now, it is time to introduce our next hero! This guy has a nice and perfect hair cut. But he has the shortest hair in our club. He has the same age with me and Yong Bi(22). Actually I think he is handsome and humorous friend.



Now, it is time to give some tips about him who has the shortest hair in PTC.

1. He is serving military service in KATUSA.


2. He has the shortest hair in PTC.


3. He goes to Sungkyunkwan University.


I think now we can find out who he is.
Let's call his name out together!

One, Two, Three, Mr OOO!! Congratulations!


Next weeks theme: Who is the best dancer in PTC?