Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 171th term 

Mr. Hyun-seung Oh


Sungkyunkwan Univ.


Hi, PTCians! I'd like to thanks to Min-sik Kim for choosing me as this week's hero. Since this is my first term, it's a shame that summer term is almost over. I came PTC on May. All PTCians are kind to me. I could improve my English skill by talking with PTCians in English during regular meeting. After parties were and I made good friends there. I also made good memory when I went to the summer camp. I'm very happy to have such a great experience in this club. I really appreciate everyone who makes effort to manage PTC.


Anyway, did you guys do something special during the summer vacation? Such as going to trip, studying English, having a part time job, etc. This summer, I made a plan to get computer certificate and the test is tomorrow. I'm little nervous now cause I didn't prepare hard. Although I bought internet lecture long time ago, until now I have never listened it. I manage to read book one time. I think I'm gonna fail tomorrow. I hope you guys achieve your plan unlike me.


Now it's time to introduce today's heroine. I think she is the tallest woman in this club, so I avoid standing right next to her. She also has attractive blonde hair. As a chorus director she showed great performance at summer camp.




Now it is time to give you some hints about her


1. She goes to Sookmyung Women's University.


2. She was a chorus director in summer camp.


3. She is in a relationship.








Next week's theme : Who is a freshman in university?