Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 171th term 

Ms. Jung-youn Min
Sookmyung Women’s Univ.



Hi PTCians! Good afternoon!! I was picked as this week’s heroine by Hyun Seong Oh and I am really thank to him. Happily, these days the weather is keep going cooler! Now it is much better to go out somewhere or go on a walk.


As I said, our lovely summer vacation is coming to an end. I hope you guys could say goodbye to your vacation without remorse. I think lots of people had nice plans for the vacation. Did you finish all those plans? In my case, I didn’t. My plan was doing exercise, reading books, and writing about anything. But I didn’t do any of them. Actually, PTC was the main thing which I did in this summer including the chorus team. Also the regular meeting is so much fun for me so I spent a lot of time in PTC. Anyway new semester is coming up! I guess all PTCians had a course register season. Have you caught nice classes? I hope so. Let’s make a great time also in next semester.


Now, it is time to introduce our next heroine. This girl is a real mood maker in our club. She is sociable and funny. I call her as a “beagle.” She is same age with me(20) and she goes to same school, Sookmyung Women’s university same as me. She is kind and thoughtful.


Now, it is time to give some tips about her.

1. She is studying in Sookmyung Women’s Univ.


2. She is a moodmaker who is sociable and humorous.


3. She was in chorus team and she can dance well.


I think now we can find out who she is.

Let’s call her name our together!

One, Two, Three, Ms 000!! Congratulations!




Next week’s theme: Who is the tallest woman in our club?