Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 171th term 

Mr. Kyung-won Lee


Daejin Univ.

The 172nd Term President




Hello PTCians! Before start, I would like to thank for choosing me as a president of the 172nd term. Actually, it is really an honor for me to stand here. I have never expected to be a president.


I found PTC at first 6 months ago. At that time, I participated in WinterCamp. It was my first PTC Camp, and it is one of my unforgettable memories. Before enjoying the camp, I was fairy nervous because I’ve never seen the members, but they made me feel comfortable. I had a great time with regular members. After that, I enjoyed regular meeting and practiced hard to speak English. As you know, there are many interesting programs in PTC like Welcoming Day, Spring Camp, Speech Contest and Summer Camp. They were really exciting and helpful to me. In addition to this, we have special programs such as Fall Camp and PTC Night. I think it will be funny and amazing. I want you all to enjoy them.


As I became the president of Seoul Pine Tree Club, I shall not forget the following 3 things.


The first thing is making a good atmosphere which all members can enjoy regular meeting. I will also encourage you to enhance confidence and approach members first in a nice mood.

The second thing is learning English steadily. Not only myself, but also all members want to speak English well, so I will make a chatting room to use English consistently. I’m sure it would be helpful for all members.


The third thing is doing something meaningful. Members are mostly students and in their early twenties. Activities that I’m planning to are voluntary service, tour guide for foreigner and something else.


I am going to try to do my best with a vice-president and all staffs for the 172nd term, and I hope 2016 to be ended successfully with all of you. Thank you for listening.