Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 171th term 

Ms. Seo-yeon Woo


Sungkyunkwan Univ.

The 172nd Term Vice-President




Hi, PTCians! Are you enjoying your fall semester? Last summer was too scorching, so I am very glad to meet the upcoming fall. The weather is so nice, and I'm looking forward to doing many activities in this fall with PTCians. Anyway, PTC's 172nd term starts today. It's still very awkward that I'm the vice president of PTC. Thank you for supporting me and I really appreciate all the regular members who are joining the very first regular meeting of 172nd term. Most of you including me are quite busy to prepare for class because the university semester starts with the 172nd term. Let's cheer up and I'm sure we will make precious memories in PTC during this fall semester.


PTC has a lot of advantages. Each of us comes from different place and different university. So, it's very important to understand each other's diversity. For me, I was quite impressed that how others think totally differently with me and it helps me to widen my view of life. Through communication, not only be familiar with each other, but we can make better conclusion of society issue. Sometimes it's very difficult to speak in English about the social issues because we don't have enough chance to think properly about our society problems. In this way, I think that many activities that we do on our regular meeting will be valuable experience for changing our prejudice.


As I said on the campaign speech, there are many things that I want to share with all PTCians. I want to study with you in exam period and it would motivate me to study harder with fun. In addition, because the weather is so nice in the fall, I want to go picnic with you guys and have a great time in Fall MT. We can drink a lot, play exciting games and it will be a great chance to be more familiar with each other.


Also, there is the most important event in this 172nd term. It's absolutely the PTC night. I will do my best to proceed PTC Night successfully with our president and staffs, so everyone can enjoy the PTC Night and have great affection in PTC. Including it, you can meet many senior members in PTC Night who always encourage us and support PTC continuously. I think active communication between seniors and regular members have so many positive effects to each other. We can solve our worries about unstable future through their experience and advice and also it gives us pride and sense of belonging. Therefore, I will try to encourage communication between seniors and regular members.


I will do my best for the development of PTC. Lastly, I want to promise that I will give positive effects to all PTCians as I received from you. Thank you for listening.