Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 171th term 


Ms. Seung-yeon Lee


Dongduk Women's Univ.

The 171st Term Vice-President




Hi my lovely PTCians!


It is an honor to stand here in front of you guys today.


Before starting my farewell speech, I'd like to show my gratitude to all the regular and senior members who supported me this summer term.

Now it is time to celebrate the beginning of 172nd fall term and say good bye to the 171st summer term. This speech reminds me of my first day of 171st term which was 4 months ago. I was very nervous and little bit scared, but I started my work as a vice-president with great expectation.


During these four months, as a vice-president, I had to be a different kind of person. I had to deal with some problems great and small. Of course there were so many hardships that tested and tormented me. However Ilearned so many things beyond description. I can assure that these things made me become more thoughtful and mature, and that will make my life much more enriched. Moreover I met a lot of members who are really nice. I could get to know lots of senior members through summer camp and speech contest. There were a lot of senior members who guided me and gave me useful advices. I will never forget their favor. And I really appreciate all the regular members who have participated in this summer term. Thanks to you guys, I could keep the stream up during moments of melancholy. Especially to all my staff members, thank you for your constant support and trust. I could not do anything without you guys.


Though it is little bit sad that I will no longer be able to be here anymore, I am very excited to welcome the new term, led by newly appointed presidents. I believe that they will do their job really well and make a splendid fall term. I wish all of you would show big interest and support of this new term as I do.

I hope all the PTCians have a good memory in the PTC like me. Thank you.