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Biorhythm for Deep Sleep

Mr. In-Jae Hwang
Sejong Univ.

 Human beings get a sleep for a third of their lives in a lifetime. Of course, sleeping is a big part of our lives. Nobody can reckon with sleeping. But, nowadays, our natural biorhythm which the changing pattern of how physical processes happen in the body are being broken more. For me, I pulled so many all-nighters a week with lots of coffee or red bulls when I had to do my final projects in school. I think that you did either. Students in my university gradually have a late night. Now, we are living together with night much more than sun. The resulting consequences are 24-hour cafes, karaoke rooms, bars, and restaurants. As a result, a great number of people are  having somnipathy which was a disorder of sleep patterns to interfere with a person's physical, mental functioning. We need to fix it for our bright future.

 Deep sleep make you start your day healthier, vigorously. On the other hand, irregular sleep causes high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

 Deep sleep is the outcome of good biorhythm. I'll let you know how to make natural biorhythm to be the heavy sleeper.

 When it comes to REM sleep, it is regarded as a deep sleep. People go through five sleep cycles that are 90 minutes each. Rem sleep also have a cycle for 90 minutes. If you wake up during non-REM sleep, you're more likely to feel alert and attentive as time goes. But if you wake up in the middle of REM sleep, you will feel tired during the day. So it is the worst habit to set the alarm per 10 minutes. It makes vicious cycle.

 First off, remember a few lists that you should not do before going to sleep.  At least, do not drink caffeinated drinks four hours before bed. It remains about 6 hours in our body when we drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and makes you to be wide awake. We also should not eat any other food 8 hours in advance of sleeping because our body is not ready to getting a sleep. We should keep away from electric devices. Blue light from electric devices disturb our sleep.

 There are good habits to help you have a deep sleep. Stretching your body is good for quick sleep when you are on the verge of sleeping. But don't exercise right before bed. Light exercises are recommended. Drinking a cup of hot milk is also helpful. Exposure of white noise makes your body relaxed on your bed. Another condition of deep sleep is a bit cool indoor temperature and warm hands and feet.

 There are good habits after waking up. To see the sunlight initially in the morning for 30 minutes makes your biorhythm help you get a sleep fifteen hours later. Melatonin, a type of hormone which increases the feeling of sleepiness secrete almost fifteen hours later. If you still can't wake up, to drink a cup of cold water will break your hesitance. Lower-body bathing that put your lower body in warm water and hopping is also good for deep sleep.

 If you want to make more perfect biorhythm to get a sleep, get a sleep and wake up on a regular basis. And avoid taking a nap. It interferes sleeping at night. If that's how you want it, you should take a nap within 15 minutes. And keep your dinner time regularly. We should not eat any other food 4 hours ago until getting a sleep because our body congest for about 4 hours. Another tip is taking a magnesium. It's best to stick to natural minerals and vitamins so you can have a well-rested night.

 I hope you will be a heavy sleeper. Good night at night~

Word check
● all-nighter [ɔ:l náitər] :  a time when you stay awake all night studying or at a party
● reckon [|rekən] : to think something or have an opinion about something
● somnipathy : a sleep disorder , or somnipathy , is a medical disorder of the sleep patterns of a person or animal.
● vigorously[vɪɡərəsli] : an animal that has got lost or separated from its owner or that has no owner


1. What time do you go to bed on a regular basis and do you usually sleep well at night?

2. Do you have a good tip for a good night’s sleep? Let's share your tips~!

Blooming Article

Driver’s licenses, benchmark developed countries for exam revision

9th August, 2016
Edited by Ms. Ye-lim Lee


 It is relatively easy to obtain a driver’s license in Korea and this has led to various problems over the past five years, such as traffic accidents, raising the need to toughen the driving test requirements.  In July 2011, the government eased driver’s license rules to allow individuals to save time and money. The number of hours for mandatory driving lessons was reduced to 13 hours from 60 hours. Evaluation criteria was also reduced to six items from the original 13. A license can be obtained by passing three tests:  written, driving course and driving on the roads.  The driving course at test locations was made easier, allowing a large portion of applicants to pass the three tests within a day or several days.  Earlier this year, the National Police Agency said that it would revise the rules for driver’s license exams as early as in the second half of 2016. In a statement, police said it would “toughen the rules on the driving course test to help beginners easily adapt to actual roads by obtaining more driving skills.” The new test will include courses such as hill starts and parking. The driving course will also likely be extended from the current 50 meters to 300 meters to evaluate an applicant’s ability to operate the vehicle. There will also be five more evaluation items.  Police said the written test will also be made more difficult and more questions will be added.  However, the upcoming revisions to the driver’s license tests could still fail to properly examine whether someone is qualified. A legalized system to regularly assess one’s ability to drive safely should come first. Policymakers and the police agency need to benchmark some advanced countries where beginner drivers are given temporary licenses. In Australia, drivers receive temporary licenses after they pass driving exams. After two years of authority supervision, they can then obtain official licenses. It takes at least three years in France and two years in Germany, and both countries provide drivers with temporary licenses at the beginning. In contrast, the quick and easy process of obtaining a driver’s license here even attracts Chinese tourists to take the tests here as the Korean licenses are also valid in many provinces in China. Some local private institutions have even hired Chinese interpreters to attract more Chinese customers. In light of safety concerns, Korean policymakers should take seriously the Chinese government’s request to impose restrictions on Chinese visitors who seek driver’s licenses here. However, the Korean police have dismissed this, citing no legal grounds to do so.

Word check

● cite [saɪt] : If you cite something, you quote it or mention it, especially as an example or proof of what you are saying.

● mandatory [|mӕndətɔ:ri] : If an action or procedure is mandatory, people have to do it, because it is a rule or a law

● policymaker [pɒlɪsimeɪkər] : In politics, policymakers are people who are involved in making policies and policy decisions.


1. Do think driver license should be easier or stricter?

2. What do you think about temporary license?