Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 171th term 

Ms. Na-kyung Woo


Sookmyung Women’s Univ.



Hi PTCians! Thanks to Jung-youn Min for choosing me as this week’s heroine. Summer has gone and Fall comes fast. Be careful not to get cold!


It’s time to go back to school. Did you plan your schedule well? In my case, It’s worse than last semester. I am going to take trains in the morning which are full of people everyday. I hope you guys have better schedule than me. As I remember, the first day I came here was the start of Summer vacation. I think I had best vacation in my life. In this vacation, PTC was the main thing I have done. I enjoyed Summer camp and met lots of people! However, time has gone fast. With the beginning of new semester, new term in PTC has come. Congratulations to the president, vice president for the new term!


Now, It’s time to introduce our next heroine. She is freshmen but 19 years old(In Korean 빠른 년생). She is literary the youngest in our club. She is pretty with no make up because she has big eyes.







Now, I will give you some tips about her.


1. She is a student of Seoul Women’s University.


2. She will be a Academic Committee staff in new term.


3. She has long legs.


I think now we can find out who she is.

Let’s call her name out together!

One, Two, Three. Ms 000! Congratulations!



Next week’s theme : Who is the person who enjoys eating well?