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Common good over human right

Ms. Jung-youn MinFreshman
Sookmyung Women’s Univ.

 Is it right to sacrifice the human right for the common good? What will you do if your government carries out an infringement upon personal rights for the public benefit? This is actually happening in Philippines. The president of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte declared “the war against the drugs”. This was the main promise which he committed when he was a candidate. And he is now carrying out his promise.
 Before being elected as a president, Rodrigo Duterte was the mayor of the city, Davao. He also did this “war” in this city. After that, 2000 drug seller was executed and most of the other crime rate has declined. Therefore the city became the safest city in the country. The support from the public was surprisingly high and it made him into a president. President Duterte interviewed, “The reason of the unstabled public order of Philippines is coming from the drugs. Drug sellers are the evil that destroys human society. So I am going to execute them all.”              
 As he declared, he executed 2400 people, arrested 15000 people and because of it, 700000 people surrendered themselves. The approval rating had risen up to 91%. During the first year of his term in the office, 31% of the serious crime rate has decreased. The media of Philippines named this phenomenon, “Duterte effect.”

 However, human right associations including UN are censuring him strongly. Because he is vigorously ignoring the rule of law-governed country. All of the executions and arrests were done with no formal trials. Also, he is allowing the citizens to kill the suspect of drug seller. There are 2 serious points here. First is that the country is allowing citizens to murder and the second point is that the murder subject is  suspects, which means people who has no exact proof. The USA and other countries are giving an alert that this kind of policy could lead to disorder of society. But the president Duterte is not listening. 
 It is true that this policy gave a lot of benefits to Philippines. However, this extralegal governing policy would definitely bring a horrible after effect. And none of the values are above the human right. The president Duterte should proceed the law based trial for all of the cases which is related to “drug problems” to protect the right of the suspects.   

Word check

1. infringement [infríndƷmənt ] : Infringement means breaking the law or disobeying the law.

2. execute [|eksɪkju:t] : To execute someone means to kill them as a punishment for a serious crime.

3. declare [dɪ|kler] : To declare means announcing something to the public.

4. surrender [sə|rendə(r)] : To surrender is admitting the defeat or giving oneself.

5. extralegal [èkstrəlí:ɡəl] : Extralegal is a power which overcomes or exceeds the law.


1. Do you think it is right to sacrifice the human right for the common good?

2. What problems do you think will happen in the future of Philippines?

Blooming Article

K-dramas’ global appeal lies in ‘wholesome sexiness’

1st Sep, 2016
Edited by Ms. Ye-lim Lee

 The international appeal of Korean TV shows lies in their “wholesome sexiness,” according to Sean Richard Dulake, who plays the dreamy male lead Joon Park in the show-within-a-show universe of the online drama series “Dramaworld.”  “I had always wondered why Korean content was connecting to outsiders,” said the actor-producer Wednesday in Seoul at Broadcast Worldwide 2016 (BCWW), a media convention hosted by the Culture Ministry and Korea Creative Content Agency. In 2013, Dulake directed “Finding Hallyuwood,” a documentary on the Korean Wave phenomenon. “Dramaworld,” available for streaming on Viki and Netflix, parodies K-dramas’ cliches and fans who are obsessed with their pristine characters and sugar-coated plotlines. Some 80 percent of its viewers are Caucasian, black and Hispanic, according to Viki; only 20 percent come for Asian countries. Most of these fans are “in their teens to mid-20s” who are “hopeless romantics,” according to Dulake. “A lot of content they find in (their) local market is very gritty, with a lot of antihero stuff. Characters are having sex in the first episodes,” he said. “What K-drama offers to fans is this wholesome way to fall in love and it brings a different kind of joy to their lives.”

 With an increasing international viewership for K-dramas, foreign studios are vying to take them abroad and even participate in their production.  According to Craig Hunegs, president of business and strategy at Warner Bros. Television Group, the TV arm of Warner Bros. Entertainment, the US production company is taking “big steps” to increase its presence in Korea and distribute K-dramas online. It produced Kim Jee-woon’s film “The Age of Shadows,” which was selected as a contender for the Academy Awards on Tuesday.  Since acquiring the K-drama web streaming platform DramaFever in February, it has “dramatically increased” the site’s programming budget, Hunegs said, exclusively licensing titles such as “Jealousy Incarnate” and “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” which are currently airing on Korean television networks.  “We are in active and advanced discussions with other studios as well,” Hunegs added. “Working together we can bring the very best of South Korea to the global audience.”

 Meanwhile, Korean television is seeing a surge in American drama remakes. “The Good Wife,” an adaptation of the eponymous US courtroom drama series, wrapped up last week on cable channel tvN; a rendition of “Entourage,” a comedy series depicting celebrity life, will air on tvN this November.  Legal drama “Suits” is also being remade by Korea’s EnterMedia Pictures and set for broadcast early next year. Gene Klein, the producer of the original series, hoped that “something new” would be added in the show’s new version. “There are plenty of examples of ‘I wouldn’t do it that way,’ and I think that’s great,” Klein said on the Korean script at BCWW 2016. “It has to work in its own way. ... A local version should be informed by the voice of the actors and the lives there. If the audience wants to see the original, they can.” BCWW 2016 will run until Sept. 2 at the Coex Convention and Exhibition Center.

Word check

● eponymous [ɪ|pɑ:nɪməs] : An eponymous hero or heroine is the character in a play or book whose name is the title of that play or book.

● vie [vaɪ] : If one person or thing is vying with another for something, the people or things are competing for it.

● rendition [ren|dɪʃn] : A rendition of a play, poem, or piece of music is a performance of it.

● wholesome [|hoʊlsəm] : If you describe something as wholesome, you approve of it because you think it is likely to have a positive influence on people's behaviour or mental state, especially because it does not involve anything sexually immoral.

● pristine [|prɪsti:n] : Pristine things are extremely clean or new.

● gritty [|grɪti] : Something that is gritty contains grit, is covered with grit, or has a texture like that of grit.


1. Why do you think K-dramas are appealing to viewers?

2. Do you agree with Korean wave other than K-pop?