Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 172th term 

Ms, Seo-young Kang


Seoul Women’s Univ.


Hi PTCians! Thanks to Na-kyung Woo for choosing me as this week’s heroine. Our traditional event “Chuseok’’ is coming soon! Many of you will go to their grandparents’ house, meet cousins and eat half-moon shaped rice cake named ‘’Songpyeon’’.


There is also another important event in this club in close future. It’s ‘’Fall MT’’!! Fall MT will be held at October. Actually my first Mt in my university life was PTC’s Spring MT. At the MT I could be more familiar with PTCians. I think it was really good reminiscence for me. I hope I can meet all PTCians here at the Fall MT! I have got to tell you something. The Fall MT is on October 1. I think that would be fantastic and amazing.


Now, it is time to introduce our next heroine. She is a freshman as me. She lives in Noryangjin. She is extremely kind and fairy tall, but she is not taller than me. Her hobby is listening to music, and One of her favorite singers is No Reply. I have listened to their songs several times. It made me feel comfortable and relax. I want to recommend those songs. I guess her nickname is Zidane who is a famous soccer player.




Now, I will give you some tips about her


1. She is a student of Seoul National University of Education.


2. She is a chief member of Academic Committee in this new term.


3. She has brown hair.



I think now we can find out who she is.

Let’s call her name out together!

One, Two, Three. Ms. ooo! Congratulations!



Next week’s theme : Who is the person that is a fashion leader in PTC?