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TERM The 173rd term 


Ms. Da-hee Kim


Duksung Women’s Univ.

The 173rd Term Vice-President



Hello, PTCians. It’s been quite a long time since I was inaugurated as the vice-president of Seoul Pine Tree Club. I’m so deeply moved that it is the last time I give a speech in front of you as the vice-president.


I’m very grateful to all of you for supporting and trusting me for this term. But, looking back my vice-president times, it was never a waste of time and it made me learn more about myself.


First of all, I felt how it is not easy being a vice-president in a large and traditional group such as SPTC. Before I became the vice-president, I used to believe that I had strong drive, at least, in my opinion. However, as time went on, I found myself only settling for what’s already given. From that, I could see how selfish person I was. But spending 4 months as a vice-president made me reflect on myself and also pushed me to stay firm not only as a vice-president but also as ‘myself’.


One of the things that I value the most as a vice-president is learning how to make harmony with other members. I met so many people in PTC who have diverse characteristics. Getting along with PTC members reminded me of how all of you have different thoughts and it taught me that I have to respect their voices.


What if I was not a vice-president of SPTC? Could I ever have learned these precious things? No. I don’t think so. It was possible only through PTC, only with president Wan-ki Min, and general affairs chief Su-yong Kim. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to board of president and staff members for doing their best on their each position and giving me genuine encouragement.


Although the 173rd term is over, it is the starting point of the 174th term. I believe president Jun-young Lee and vice-president Ji-yun Lee will lead the upcoming new session perfectly. As I did, having an opportunity of being in the board of president will be meaningful time for you. I’ll always be behind you with my complete support. I’m looking forward to next term. Let’s enjoy this summer together! :)