Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 173rd term 



Mr. Jun-yeong Lee


Dongguk Univ.

The 174th Term President



Hi, PTCians! It's a bit awkward to say hello as a president. First of all, thanks to every regular member for coming to the first regular meeting of the 174th term.


Above all, thanks to the 173rd Winter term president, vice-president, general affairs chief and every staff member. Thanks to your effort, our regular meeting became much more productive with a comfortable atmosphere. I really want to give them a big applause. We will maintain and develop the regular meeting made by your perspiration.


Last October, when I was walking into this room for the first time, I could never imagine myself standing up here and reading this speech as a president, the leader of this club. Therefore, I feel worried and a little afraid whether I can make a successful Summer term. However, as I have enough attachment to this club, I will try to make regular members know how attractive this club is.


There are lots of events in the Summer term such as Spring MT, Speech contest, and Summer camp. We have so many excitements during the next four months. So I will put in effort to organize these events with the experience of planning Winter camp and Welcoming day successfully in the 173rd term as vice-chief of social committee.

Lastly, I appreciate all staffs for accepting to work together. I also feel gratitude to all regular members for supporting our staffs and presidential committee. I will try hard to make supportive regular meeting for you.


In PTC, I met many precious people, and with them, I made valuable memories that I could never experience elsewhere. Becoming a president of this club also will be one of those precious memories. Thank you again for giving me the chance to preserve good memories as a member in PTC.